Pennsylvania Workbook

Courts - page 3

        So what happens when a living man finds him or herself in the court of the dead? Why did I say dead? Because all courts are operated by corporations and corporations are not living. A man is living. Corporations and courts are dead.

Never enter their jurisdiction. Never answer their questions. Always answer their every question with, “I take the fifth without council.” I repeat, “Never enter their jurisdiction.” You keep quiet and never answer their questions.

First, one must understand the rules. Remember that the constitution belongs to the corporation, not you or I. So they are bound by that paperwork, but I cannot use it because it belongs to them.

When I find myself in court, I must understand that there are always two sides. It’s not just theirs and mine and yet that is exactly correct. So I must establish my own case. What do I mean? I will explain as we move along.

The second most important fact is that you must always represent yourself. There are no attorneys or Lawyers that can work for you if they are a BAR member. All BAR members must follow the rules of the BAR association. The BAR members always work for the judge, not you. They are not telling the truth if they say they work for you.

There is a difference between working for you and representing you. They cannot work for or represent a living man. Let me repeat myself. No BAR attorney can represent a living breathing man or woman.

BAR attorneys work in commerce. They only represent commercial entities. This means they cannot “work” for me, they work for the commercial court to find a remedy that will satisfy the court, but not me or you. They are looking for a remedy that will satisfy the judge, not me or you. If they say that they represent you, it is because they are presuming you are a corporation.

So, you can “Never”, let me repeat, “Never” be represented by an attorney if you want to stand as a living man or woman on the soil at the Land jurisdiction.

Now we are coming to the two sides of the court. The two sides are not just mine and theirs, though that is true. The two sides are the Land jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of the sea. When you are in court, the FIRST matter must be to establish jurisdiction. How does a living man create jurisdiction?

Answer, BY Rebuttal!

What is a rebuttal?

Okay so, remember I said on page two that at no time can a commercial entity make a contract with you. You must make the contract with the corporation. In this case the corporation is the court. Remember, the flow of the water. Remember the flow of the current which moves commerce by a “Bill of Lading.”

Well, guess what they are doing? They are making a “Presumption” that you are a commercial entity, a dead man. They are going to try to move you through their court by a “Bill of Lading” which is the citation, for example.

So you must, “REBUT” their presumption. IF you do not know how to rebut their presumption, then you MUST use their own law against them.

So there are three choices and only three choices.

Your first choice was to pay them whatever they wanted as an extortion.
Two, you bring your rebuttal.
Three, you say, “I take the fifth without council.”

If you don’t know what to do in court or what to say in court, then their constitution says that you have the right to remain silent. But, you don’t have the right to remain silent in court. In court you MUST defend yourself. Because if you say nothing, they will Presume jurisdiction. When you say, “I take the fifth without council,” that is your only defense. It is the only defense that you need. Why?

Why is this your best and only defense?

Because, remember I said all commerce moves by contract. They cannot presume a contract when you tell them, I want no contract with you which is what you are doing by saying, “I take the fifth without council.” If you don’t tell them your name, they don’t know who you are. Even if they take your fingerprints and say, “We know who you are. You are John Jefferson Doe!” It doesn’t matter. If they put you in jail, they can only hold you 48-72 hours without a name.

Do Not Allow Them to provide council for you. There is paperwork that we have in the assembly to give to any attorney that they provide for you. You insist that the attorney file the paperwork into the case on your behalf. The funny thing is, the attorney cannot “work” on the Land jurisdiction, so the attorney cannot file the paperwork. What do you do? Fire the attorney for not doing what you told them to do.

You can fire a hundred attorneys and you can say, “I take the fifth without council,” a thousand times. They cannot do anything because you are tying their hands with their constitution. You are not using the constitution. You are invoking your fifth amendment right to keep silent and not answer their questions according to the constitution. You are following the constitution and so they must also follow their own law.

So if you end up in court, remember, there are two sides. So if the opposition creates a case against you. You must also create a case against them. Each side has their own case. What is a case?

A case is like a briefcase. You put your paperwork in the case. So you make a case file; or in this case a folder. This will be the paperwork that you will file with the Court-Clerk before the action begins. You can file the paperwork twenty minutes before the case begins by having the Court Clerk time-stamp your paperwork. This is because if your opposition has a case against you, your paperwork is your case against them. Otherwise they have a case and you have only your word, and a dead corporate court, can not hear a living man. So everyting has paperwork.

Remember, we are talking about a “Bill of Lading.” So your paperwork show where you are supposed to be freed, and their paperwork says you need shipped off to jail.  So don’t you think you should file your own case file?

There are not enough pages here to answer every court question. You get one phone call. Make sure you call somebody that can help you. In the assembly we have the paperwork already printed for our friends. If you EVER AGREE with the oppositions requests, we may not be able to help. You must stay on the private side. We suggest that you get our classes and get on the teaching conference calls. If you do not do this, how will you know our process of getting you away from the stranglehold of the corporate court system?

These corporations are predators. They are after money! If you think you have no money or value, think again! They will rob Peter to pay Paul. We are dealing with predators that have been stealing and not being truthful for hundreds of years. You have to go back to Rome and still they’re the same kind of thieves exist. That’s 2000 years. Do you think they had time to perfect the thievery?

So the Assemblies are perfecting the Land jurisdiction answer to the corporate corruptions.

Examples: Only federal employees are to pay federal income tax. So I ask you a question, if you are not a federal employee, have you listened to the untruthfulness of the IRS and paid income taxes? Only Federal employees pay Federal income tax because they work for the Federal government corporations. If you don’t work for them, guess what?

Remember, everything is by contract. So do not make any contracts with these vermin. We cannot give legal advice, but what we can do is share what works or what we are working on. There again Lawful advice is not legal advice.

What is the difference between legal and lawful?

Legal is what the corporations do. They have statutes, rules, regulations, codes and ordinances.  These are all like inter-company memos for their employees.

Lawful is the Land jurisdiction. Law is created by the people and never a corporation. Ordinary Lawful man and woman do not follow inter-company memos. Mankind is the Law-giver. We create the laws that we then follow. Then everybody is on the same level playing field.

 Next point about your case, you are moving into commerce and a different jurisdiction. Understand this point, a Notary is commissioned by the Secretary of State. The Secretary of States has a duty to deal with foreign ambassadors which we are. We are foreign to their jurisdiction. The secretary of State therefore is commissioning my paperwork, when a Notary signs that paperwork.

Therein, my paperwork must have the commission of the Secretary of State, or a Notary, for it to be accepted into their court in commerce. So have all of your paperwork notarized before you submit it into the court. This allows your paperwork to become a “Bill of Lading,” in commerce. Otherwise their court will not recognize your paperwork as valid because they cannot speak with the living mankind. This is why you must file your own paperwork in your own case file.

We will continue with more on another page as we go along, next is money.

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