What does it mean when a child is born to an abusive parent? Let us imagine the child is being taught that getting beat upon, smacked around, verbally abused everyday is normal? 

     Let us imagine that this child grows up believing that this is normal and then without any knowledge that life is different, after having children, does the same nasty things to their children. 

​     The people in the United States have been raised exactly like this for 150 years. We have been told that democracy is great! Democracy is a very poor substitute for a Republican form of government. 

​     Every state is a republic. Each State is a Nation. Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Iowa are all Nations. Each is a Republic and the people create a Republican form of government. We the People are the republic. We are sovereign, free. This is our Freedom. We are born with inherent Rights. The right to protect ourselves; the right to speak freely, to print newspapers as we desire, to assemble; we have the inherent right to travel freely anywhere on public roads. This is a republic.

     A democracy is totally different!

​     A democracy is how a corporation works it's internal functions. A democracy is not free! A democracy is not a Republic! In a democracy 51% wins and 49% loses. That is a corrupt form of government! Do not be fooled.

     We have been TAUGHT by the abusive teachings of a profit driven governmental corporation. These are men who are tyrants. Just like the small child that was abused from birth, we have been abused. It's time the abuse stops! We are NOT a DEMON-CRAZY people! We are not a Democracy! We are a people who hold to a Republican form of government.

     The United States Inc is not a Republic! The United States is a corporation that holds to a democratic form of internal corruption. If you believe the lies, you will be mistreated! These tyrants will take advantage of your good nature and tolerance. They will abuse you. They make up new corporate rules for you to follow everyday. The rules they make are for government. I am not government! I am a sovereign Law-giver, a man.

    Only federal employees pay federal income taxes because only corporations have income. I have wages. I am not in their democracy! I am domiciled in Pennsylvania and not in the District of Columbia. 

      They create debits. I create credits. They create legalities. I create Laws. They are Fictions that we created. I am the creator of the fiction. We tell them what to do and how to act. They do not tell me what to do or how to act. Democracy is a safe-haven for corruption. 

     They buy the elections and rig the outcomes. They make their employees pay for driver license, dog license, fishing license, boat registrations, house titles, car and truck certificate of titles; these are all a fraud to me. I am not a democracy! Can you really say you would like a democracy if they had not taught you to like it?

​       Once again, the fraud artists are at it, presenting their version of "democracy" -- as "American".

      It's "American" in the same sense as South America is "American".

       The actual original jurisdiction United States of America isn't a democracy of any kind and never has been. We honor the sanctity and the rights of every man and woman, and we assert and protect those rights against mobs and against mob mentality, too. Democracy is a mob mentality and is not moral or righteous.

​    The Lawful structure of our government looks like this;

We the people create American non-citizen national forms:

second we create County Jural Assembly forms:

third we create State Jural Assembly elects:

next we create National Congressional Assembly (Washington, DC / Delegated Powers),

and Continental Congressional Assembly (Philadelphia /Non-Delegated Powers),

    As you will note there are two (2) Congressional Assemblies, one that meets in Washington, DC to administer the delegated powers, and one that (originally) met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to administer the non-delegated powers. 

     These pundits moved the Congress to Washington and stopped doing their duty as original jurisdiction Land powers. They simply stopped doing their jobs and vacated the seats. So the Congressional assembly should still meet in Philadelphia, but it's not. It is the duty of the people to re-establish our working original jurisdiction congressional assembly. 

      Our assemblies are not a democracy. We are the people who own the republics called States. The States are republics, NOT the United States. The United States Inc. is a corporation operated as a democracy. We the people are not a democracy!

​       Further adding insult to injury, these pea-brained politicians don't even follow a democracy in Congress. When they vote they must have a 51% majority vote to pass any legislation. But they don't follow their own rules. If only three people show up to vote out of 100, they say that they voted in favor with a majority because only three people showed up to vote. That is not democracy. That is fraud.

    Don't be fooled! You should be red in the face angry right about now. You should be wanting to place your paperwork back on the soil and being now an active member of your County and State Jural assemblies. Do you want to set the record straight? Now is the time. Everything you need is on this website to make straight what they have tried their best to steal. You have the right to make this decision. You are loved and respected at the deepest levels. We have but to learn what the next steps are and take these steps now.

​     Get in touch with us. We will do our best to help you learn and prosper in our republic. 

What is Democracy?