We born on the soil of a State which is a Nation unto its self and we are called Foreign Sovereigns. We are foreign to the government that tries to whip us from a bully pulpit.

These villains put on Black Ropes, Not Purple ropes!

‚ÄčThese villains work for the BAR associations! The British Accreditation Registry, Yes it's British!

These Villains work for a corporation like McDonalds and they sell you their crappy Burgers. And because these same idiots tell you that this burger is good for you, you eat it!

But when God in his word says in Lev. 23: 1-5 not to ever do business with the Canaanites, the Merchants, you sleep with the great Whore because the whore says it's okay!

My church is not a 501c3. I am Sovereign therefore the Church of Refuge is Sovereign. We are sovereign therefore Pennsylvania is sovereign Nation. Pennsylvania is not sovereign, the people are sovereign. We are a Nation of Sovereign people. My church is a Church of Sovereign people therefore it is sovereign. The Church of Refuge is not connected to any other entity except God. Because God creates sovereignty, I create sovereignty as my Father has done before me. So I do also!

That is all I can do! There is no other reality unless you contract with the Father of Lies and make agreements that the scripture says you should never do. So Blindness is a choice!

So the Father of Lies goes about seeking whom he may devour and it is you. He wants you! He is the Master of deception. He knows what you desire more than you can understand. If you want to stand before the crowds and have them marvel at your image, he can make it happen. All you have to do is this one little itsy-bitsy thing for him. You only have to bow down and serve him. Just a little, it won't hurt but for a moment.

Just sign up and become a voter in my corporate election. Yes, I think that ought to do it. Why don't you ask me for permission to get married so I can own your children. Why not ask me for a drivers license so I can make you pay me every time I get a bug up my ass about you. Why not give me your Manufacturers Statement of Origin and get a Certificate of Title which will put your new Truck in my corporate state name so I own it and not you. 

How? How can you lay in bed with the God Baal and not know that you are being lied to? Every 501c3 non-profit Corporation belongs to the Roman Jesuit Cult. You signed a deal with the Devil for a bowl full of tomato soup. You sold your sovereign birthright under the Constitution for a Foreign Corporation operated by the "Father of Lies!" You climb into bed with the Great Whore!" You pay their dues for a free handout. "Oh My!"

The Father of Lies tells you to beg; AND YOU Listened!" You got on your knees and you bow down to the GOD of Money; the Printing Press of Fake Notes called Money! 

You can not eat Gold. You can not eat Silver or paper. So why is it that people believe the ancient Goddess that created the first coin and said, This is equal to a loaf of bread? NO IT'S NOT! It's not a loaf of bread. It's a piece of paper or metal!

Did you know that the New International Bible was written by the United Nations. That is why is says you are supposed to pay taxes to Caesar. And people enjoy these lies. I'm certain they do because they keep paying taxes like good little servants. Only Servants pay their employees. We are the employers. We are sovereign. Government serves us. We serve God!

Where does it say that we pay Caesar? Nowhere! It says render unto Caesar what is Caesars and render unto God what is Gods! Yeshua Ben Joseph, or the one called Jesus, only paid the Temple Tax owed by the Jews. He never paid Caesar!

"Oh yes, it is mandatory to fill out your 1040 corporate Federal tax so I can pay the Federal Reserve.  Oh, non, non, no, the money doesn't go to the U.S. Treasury.  No, no, it goes to the British Crown and the World Bank. Don't you remember, we bankrupted you because you signed the 501c3 documents. Yes, oh yes, we do own your land, buildings, and automobiles because you are a part of our organization. No, no, no, don't cry, it was all in the paperwork you signed. Didn't you read the fine print!

Are you Sovereign? Well, we don't talk about that. So how is your new car, did you get a good rate on the loan?

‚Äč                     So Yes Mildred, Blindness is a choice!

Everything that exists is in God. Nothing exists outside of God. All is in him and in the Mind of God. So  when God said, "I am made in his Sovereign Image," I believe it.

Anything different must come from the "Father of Lies!" So if any man, judge, lawyer, preacher, school teacher, publican, or other says different, I know they are deceived! 

If somebody says I must have a license to be or do anything that God has already told me I can do or should do, then I know that person has been deceived.

This is not difficult. You must have a license to do business with the devil and the corporate cohorts. It is true. Everything that these liars do is by contract that they require you to sign. Just don't sign their documents. Claim your sovereignty. 

The problem is not because you desire to do good. The problem is that you have never understood that your enemy is a 100% fraud and a liar and is 100% always deceitful. 

This is a back stabber every time! Not just sometimes. NO! This Father of LIES is 100% a liar! 

And we have been pressured by deceit into the very school and colleges that teach the lies.

Everything this liar does is always bait and switch. Come and let me teach you about the world so you know how it works. Then the LIAR teaches you what he desires that you know. It's so easy to teach the gullible. It's time to learn that we are the SOVEREIGNS, the Kings of our own destiny. I am the King of my castle. 

How can this be? When we have spent our entire lives listening, reading, and learning about the "Father of Lies!" "Have we?" 

This is difficult to understand but it's in fact the "Father of Lies" that has been our teachers. We are sent off to PUBIC schools that are operated by the "Father of Lies." We are sent off to churches where Preachers and Teachers have been educated in those same PUBLIC schools operated by the "Father of Lies." 

If our desire to only see good was the reason, then the Law of reaping and sowing would only create goodness in our lives. No, I believe that the answer is sadly far more sinister and subtle.

Our enemy is the greatest foe that ever there was. This is true. Our enemy is after all, "The Father of Lies!"

This allows us to see into our frailty a little more clearly. It's not our desire to do well that inhibits us but is is the fact that we do not know how to recognize the enemy when the "Father of lies is lying to our face!"

What is Blindness?

Our choice is to put on the whole armor of God or place that responsibility on government and become a good slave. We do not have to serve God or help our communities. We are sovereign so we can give our power to the "Father of Lies" if we choose to. 

We can believe that being poor and broken is because its God's will. We can believe that. Yep!

We can believe that its good for government to still our children's mind's, their labor, their inheritance, because we fail or are afraid to say, "No!" Yep, we can do that!

"The Father of Lies" desires nothing more than for you to believe that you are his servant; blind, deaf, dumb, and mute! Just the way Satan taught you to be. 

Only Federal employees pay Federal taxes. Federal employees are called taxpayers. Not me! I'm a Sovereign born on the soil of Pennsylvania. I am a Pennsylvanian! I live in Pennsylvania. I do not Reside in Pennsylvania. I am not a U.S. Citizen! I am NOT a Citizen of anything. I am a man. I am a Sovereign man. I am not a sovereign citizen. That's stupid. I am a non-combatant civilian, domiciled on the soil of my birth, at American Common Law, NOT English common law. I am a Minister of my God and Heaven. I am not a Minister of somebody else's God. I am a man and a sovereign, therefore I, a man, answer to God and the people or community only.

I do not answer to a Foreign Corporation that calls its self government. That would not be constitutional. That would not be Godly!

So indeed, what is the Blind that lead the Blind? Mostly it must be those who believe the lies that the Father of lies doles out every second that we are breathing!

The Lies never stop! Every word the the enemy utters is a LIE! "Oh just come and let me show you this beautiful apple. Don't you want to take a bite of my pretty apple? Do you think it will taste good? Do you think it is juicy? Don't you want to trade me your soul for it? Yes, of course you do! Come now sit on my lap and let me tell you a story while you eat my apples! Here you go, just sign your signature to this document saying you will do as I ask. Yes it okay to serve me. That's it. That was easy, wasn't it!

Oh yes, remember I told you that you are required by me to have a license to marry.. a license to travel... a license to go fishing and to feed your family!  Oh Yes, I lie sometimes.. but it's for your own good, you know!

You have been schooled in the synagogue of Satan and I must ask, "Where is our faith?"

The most important questions I can ask are, "Where do I stand?" What do I stand for? Why do I stand for what I believe? Is what I believe real? What is the proof that I have not been listening to the Lies?

Satan has taught folk to believe in a system of injustice. Where are our Common Law Grand Juries? Where are our Common Law Right to a Trial by Jury without any Jury tampering by a Defacto Judge telling the jury how to act or what evidence they are allowed to hear. 

People who will read this will no doubt be a man or woman who loves thy neighbor to the best of their ability. But, do we understand that there are those around us that simply are not born with the ability to have compassion.

We desire to do well and to help others do well for the most part. And we believe that other people are the same as we are. But could our desire to always want to see good be the blindness that does not allow us to see evil?