Church of Refuge;
                                                              I, a living man appearing in the flesh, private banker,
                                                      timothy alan harmon, Pennsylvanian national, on the Land,
                                                                                   general post office; judicial district,
                                                                        ©100 Lincoln Street, Desire, Pennsylvania
                                                                                               c/o 1049 Hill Drive

                                                                                                        Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania State


To: Wendy K. Truitt
Jefferson County Registrar
Jefferson County, Pennsylvania
155 Main Street – Jefferson Place
Brookville, Pennsylvania

From: timothy alan harmon
This day _____, January 2018, Wendy K. Truitt, Registrar, is given notice, again, to understand, this fact, in Law, that Timothy Alan Harmon is not a registered voter in Henderson Township, or Jefferson County, or Pennsylvania, or the United States of America and does not desire to ever, present or future, to be any kind of registered voter by this office or any Registrar’s office in the United States of America (incorporated) as a registered voter for the corporate government.

You, Registrar is given notice to understand that Timothy Harmon is a man, on the land, priority creditor, and can not be a registered voter without interfering with his private property which is a crime and will be prosecuted by him. I also note that any future notice, that Timothy Harmon is to become a registered Voter by any agent or agency, must have both verbal and written confirmation by him to you in hand, or the notice of registration is considered a fraud and discarded by the Registrar’s office as trash.

Sessions Law; No. 1982-295 AN ACT HB 950 and HB 1480 (18 June, 1998. Tom Ridge) Amending Title 54 (Names) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, adding revised, codified and compiled provisions relating to names and marks and making conforming and related amendments to Titles 15 (Corporations and Unincorporated Associations) and 18 (Crimes and Offenses) and separately enacting certain related provisions of law. Damages are crimes, “mark,: “person,” “trademark,” “Trade Name,” “use,” 1121. 1123, 1125, 1126 Damages for fraudulent registration are held accountable; see facts at; You Are Warned!



_____________________________                                   _________________________                    
                      witness                                                                                          timothy alan harmon

 _________________________________                                                    ___________________________
                         Notary                                                                                                       this day

Note; enclosed is a stamped self addressed envelope for your confirming correspondence.
Please reply promptly within ten days. Please keep this on the record as a permanent notice. 

Below is the paperwork I personally used to cancel my Voter Registration. The button is the actual Pennsylvania Document in PDF.