People tend to think that "Court" must be complicated.  Not so much..

When you enter "Their Court" the most important aspect might be to understand they are two dimensional and we are three dimensional. 

They are "Dead Fiction" and we are "Living people."

The "Dead" cannot speak to the living. They move their court with paperwork.  We use words.

We need a better understanding of this court process according to "Our" view and not from "Their" view.

So let us continue; There are two words that are in Italics. They are the same word which is "Specially."  The italics tell everybody that these are "Specific and special" of them selves.  

Listen carefully!   On the Land jurisdiction we do not use Capital LETTERS.   We use Italics to set apart a specific word or set of words. So the Italics are there for a "Very" good reason. Do not change them. 

                                                             Common Pleas Court
                                                       Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

   In Regards to:                                                                                                Pa64577543yhgh

   John James Doe:                                                                                             §§  18-SS-2105


                                                         entry of appearance, specially,

   i, john james doe, do hereby enter my appearance specially, in the above matter, for disposition, to     the equity of all parties;

   respectfully submitted this day, respecting [28 USC 1746(1)];


   this day:  feburary   ____, 2019                                                 

                                                           By:  ________________, _________________________
                                                                                           doe, johnjames






                                                             page one of one page



So we must understand "Justice." Ninety-nine percent of the Courts in the States are called administrative Courts.  These are "Not" Courts of Justice.​​

allow me to give examples of how this works;

The "Corporate Congress" creates Statutes and they call these "Law" but they are not "Law."  These statutes are "Administrative" actions created for the employees of the government only.  

When you go into court, they presume you are an "Employee" of the State or "Federal" government because "They" created a "Title" in your name and placed that "Title" on a Certificate of Birth.  So they presume you are an employee. Actually they are all our employees. 

Moving on, all of these administrative courts are under the "Administration" of the President of the Corporation, Today that is Donald John Trump. So we must know that these are "NOT" courts of justice.  These are administrative courts that are only internal rules and regulations that the employees of the government follow.

So, we are first using a "By-line" 

A "By-line" is like a "Writer" and the book says by Edgar Allen Poet.  This is a by-line.  If I autograph an  ​IRS1040a for example, I might write By: Harmon; Timothyalan, agent     

This makes me the agent for the "Title" which is "Harmon; Timothyalan."    I am not Harmon; Timothyalan.  I am the agent for that particular "Title."   Names are titles. 

I am using all small letters so I do not enter their "Public" jurisdiction. If I use captal letters, I enter their jurisdiction. 

So, we are reviewing "doe, johnjames"

Notice, "johnjames" is one word.   This is not two words, it is not hyphenated.  Follow the format exactly.

Why are you writing your name as one word? It is because they don't write your name that way. Why are you using all small letters? Because they cannot spell your name that way. They MUST use a "CAPITAL" letter. 

So follow the format. Every detail is important.

Let us go back a little, We must reopen our "Federal Circuit Courts."

These courts are operated by our Sheriffs, County Notaries, Councils in Law, clerks, and Juries of the people.

I think we need to understand how the "District of Columbia" works their charade against the people.  

The original authority of the States is called "Federal."  So when these corporations use the word "Federal" they are referring to the authority granted to them by the Constitution. All of their authority comes from that relationship. When they break that relationship, they are in "Breach of Trust."

Here is their greatest asset!  Ready!  It is the "Fact" that they are to be Ruled by the people!  Guess what!  Nobody is telling them what to do.  Nobody has Assembled their States and told them what to do since the War between the States. 

One final thought, the corporate governmental actions against the people are Criminal!  ​

It will take a Grand Jury to fix what has been wrong.

​It will take our Federal Circuit Courts to administer the verdict of the Grand Juries.

This is not just getting back what belongs to the people, this is going to set the record straight. 

They have stolen our Gold and Silver.

They have stolen our Names and created fraudulent trusts by unlawful conversions of our names.

There are too many nasty criminal actions to write them all down herein...  

entry of appearance, specially,​

Notice the word specially again.  This word means you are not in that room because you agree with their court. You are in the room making a special appearance which is not on their behalf.

And Equity...

Now, without writing five hundred pages, They claim we are many things. They call us "Human," "Children," "Corporations," "individuals," "Persons," and many many other "words of art;"  we have been pre-programmed to believe what they tell us like good slaves.

"IF YOU USE THESE WORDS" in their court, you will lose.

The hardest thing you will ever do will be to, "Unlearn" what they taught you.

This is why "You do not change the paperwork."   Follow the script.   Do not enter their public court.  Change the venue. All of this is an experience that nobody expected and everybody will take part in one way or another.  So learn while you can.

Okay, I saved the word "Equity" for last because I could write twenty pages on this subject.

I have to explain this properly because it is a very important word. Before we can talk about equity, we must talk about several aspects of equity.

Equity means that both sides are equal in every aspect. 

Their courts are not courts of Equity, they are administrative.

Because this will be read by various people from all sorts of backgrounds, it must hold more detail than the other paragraphs mentioned above.

So let us make straight the "record" because most people have been deceived all there lives.

Let us start with the "Constitution."  First there are three "Constitutions", not one. But, no matter, the point I want to address is why I or we cannot use the constitution as an offense in court.

This is simple. The word "Constitution" means "Contract."  The Constitution is a contract between the people on the Land jurisdiction and the governing "Persons" who are operating on the Sea jurisdiction. The Constitution does not belong to the people on the Land; that Constitution belongs to them.  It is a Contract signed by them.  They are a "Corporation" created by a "Contract/Constitution." They serve us. So the Constitution does not belong to "We the people on the Land."

We could use it by saying, "Your Supreme Courts opinion concerning the Constitution says.. bla bla"  But I cannot use the constitution in my offense.

Why is this important? 

Because a lot of these vermin have taken an oath of fidelity to that Constitution and they know what it says. If they "Breach the Trust" of that oath, they are in big trouble. This includes the word "Equity." When you use the word Equity, you are changing the "Venue" of the Court.  

It's like saying, "I am a man in Common Law!"

You are actually "Creating" your venue.  I sometimes say "I am creating my own court". This confuses people. I am changing the venue from an administrative court to a court of justice.

People have been taught by thieves how to be good slaves.  Good people have been taught in elementary, middle, and high schools by pirates how to be great slaves!  Follow the rules of the dead and we will only demand that you pay your taxes so we can have bigger houses and more social programming.

How do you stay in the Private?

You cannot be a U.S. citizen, or Federal employee, You must stand as a man or be trampled like a worm under foot.

When you enter their court, do not cross the bar. Refuse to enter their jurisdiction. If you cannot get away from entering that bar, then place your disapproval on the record.

There are many things a man can do to gain or hold his rights and freedoms.

​The best way to learn these things is to join you State Jural Assembly.

What could possibly be so important about the Jural Assembly?

Let's take a good look at this in some detail. Without wondering off subject, the Jural Assembly works at the land jurisdiction. The Jural Assembly is the people at the "State" level government that oversees the incorporated service providers.  So how can the Jural Assembly help the people from Pennsylvania?  Below is an Example of paperwork to enter into any court case! Use it Wisely!

First you would enter the paperwork into the court by having the Court Clerk time stamp the paperwork fifteen or more mnutes before the case.   

You only Enter their Court "Specially"

If you don;t know what you are doing:

When asked questions, I suggest you only do two things in court. 

1. You read again from the paperwork:  "i John James Doe, do hereby enter my appearance specially, in the above matter, for disposition, to the equity of all parties."

2. You can answer, "I take the fifth without the assistance of council."

So, we are under the "Articles of Confederation." We should understand that there has to be a "Federation" before there can be a "Confederation." 

Where is the Federation?  It is the State Assembly! The State Assembly Elects Delegates to go to the Senate of the "Confederation". 

So the state assembly sends delegates from the Federation to the Confederation of States.

So what is a Nation?  The Nations are the states also.

​This has been confusing because the "Corporations" never wanted us to know where the true power is located. The Power is in the State Assemblies.  So National and Federation are the same level of words. More on this later.

Somebody must create the "Corporations."  The People create corporations. Corporation are "Fictions." They are man-made constructs and hold "No" life of their own.  All governments are corporations.

Now look at what these "Government" corporations have done.  They created rules for themselves called statutes and they said that "Corporations are alive."  Now I ask, how can a dead thing, a dead fiction create "Law" for the living people.  The answer is, "They don't."  They never did!   But they taught the people that their rules are our rules, but they never have been.   Like Jim Wright says, "I am not a corporation." All presumptions are rebutable.

"Stay in the Private" There are two sides to every court Private and Public. We stay in the Private.

Second, "you stay on the Land jurisdiction." This is the most important statement that can be made.

So let us think about the above paperwork. Every "Detail"... every "Word" is written in a specific way.  

The Name is spelled a specific way.  The word in Italics are specific and important for a specific reason.

If you do not follow directions, and do not learn the procedures properly and understand why the words are written in a specific way, then you may continue to have more problems.

We are the people on the Land.  The Declaration of Independence created our Republican form of Government. Wherein the "Family" is the first governing body politic.  The next step is when "One" ( be it man or woman with the Mans blessing ) enters into "Assembly" with other "One's."

So One from a family will meet either "Socially" or in "Assembly" and form various organized units.  

You might create the "Boy Scouts of America" or the "PTA" or any "Social" platform. These can be at the Sea.

Second, One might get together with other "One's" and form the local "Militia" or a Township, County, or State. These are called "Assemblies." They are not social contracts. These are political bodies;

So the first governing body is the "Family" and the second is the "Assembly."

Third is the delegation of the "Assembly."  This is an international venue. This is the Land jurisdiction making rules to govern what has been created by the people internationally. 

There are "Family" rules; there are local, county, state rules; and there are international rules.

But, I need to explain this differently so we know what the words mean clearly that are actually being used.

Continuing on; there is a better way of addressing the court.  If you are still reading, this may be for you. You will write the following on your paperwork. This is not for "Bankruptcy Court," this is for a criminal action.

Because the "Prosecutor" actually "Creates" the defendant from your "Birth Certificate," there is no Living actual defendant in the room. The defendant is a fiction.  If you take on the "Title" of Defendant you will lose every time.

So this is what you will write; And when asked any questions you will recite the following,

i, John James, a man, do hereby enter my appearance as private council appearing specially, in the above matter, for disposition, to the equity of all parties.

What this does is makes "You" the "Private Council." and therefore you cannot be the Defendant!  When the judge asks if the "defendant" is going to appear today, you say, 

"I don't know, you need to ask the prosecutor, he created him."

You cannot be both defendant and council..    We have done this and the result to this point was the defacto said "You will hear from us in three days;" six weeks later and no letter..

  You tie their hands...  

They cannot move in equity and they have no defendant.  

​So, Good Luck!

Do Not Make This Complicated!

This starts with the Grand Jury. If you read through Blacks Law Dictionary you find that it says there are 23 people on a grand jury.   This is not true.  Think People! Think about who we are.  We have the right of Jury nullification. We have the right of creating any jury according to our "Customs."

Common Law is "Custom Law, so if we decide a Grand Jury is three people, then it is three people.  But remember, A jury of five people will overrule a jury of three people on the Land jurisdiction. 

This is why your State Jural Assembly can get started with a handful of people. That Jural Assembly when organized properly can be your first Grand Jury and establish your County Notary.  You don't need 250 "Signatures".We are not following the rule of others, we are the rulers telling the Sea what we desire them to do.

One here must consider what is being said above. In order to have the knowledge that is required to win your case you must understand where your authority derives from. You must know how to use that authority. You will want to know what not to say as much as what you can say and why. There are too many variables to mention but that is not important, what is important is how you conduct yourself and not how they conduct themselves.

So they "Call Themselves" Federal, but it is because We are Federal and they have a contract with the people. They are not Federal. They are now constructs of and with other foreign constructs like the IMF which makes them Foreign to the people.

When we open "Our" Federal Circuit Courts, every other court must take a back seat. Every one..

The County Notary is Elected by a Grand Jury in a Justice venue which they cannot touch. The County Notary answers to the Grand Jury. The sheriff enters a criminal claim; the Grand Jury indicts the people; the County Notary writes up the verdict and finishes the process.

Example; a man makes a "Claim"; the sheriff goes to the Notary for a Warrant; the Notary creates and autographs the specific Warrant; the Sheriff carries out the Warrant; the Sheriff brings together a Grand Jury to look at the evidence; the Grand Jury indicts or not; The Sheriff or Jury Foreman takes the indictment to the County Notary and the justice process continues normally with a Trial by Jury, or arbitration. 

This is the same Locally or in the Federal Circuit Courts with the exception being the County Notary can use a Federal Marshal instead of a Sheriff. 

​We the people must open and occupy our Federal Circuit Courts.

So when we place our paperwork which says "Equity" into their venue, Guess what happens?  We just rebutted all they are.  Only the living can work in true "Equity."  Only a living man can "Think or Believe" in court.

So we are changing the venue of their court to our court. We change it from an administrative venue under the President to a Justice venue in Equity. 

Stopping the court

​You must stay in the Private!

Notice next that there are three names on this paperwork.

First the spelling uses a capital letter in the beginning only. This is for a reason. This is the name recognized by their court. And the case number is their case number.

Second, notice john james doe is all small letters; this is you and me on the soil and land. I was born on the soil on pennsylvania.  Notice pennsylvania is all small letters for the same reason. Small letter show that i am on the "land."

Third, the autograph; doe, johnjames.    This too is very specific.

There is much more to say; Just know that this paperwork is designed that you stay on the Land which is Private. Do not enter the Public jurisdiction on the Sea.  

We have the authority because we the people on the Land created all of the Corporations; we say to this mountain, "Be you cast into the Sea!"   What do you think scripture is talking about?  The Sea does not belong on the Land in our Courtrooms.   You Cast that thing back to the Sea by not entering their jurisdiction.  Do not climb their mountain. Do not touch the unclean thing! Do not battle but let your "God" battle for you. Believe that this is and always has been a spiritual battle and it is already won.  The Sea does not belong in our Courthouses or courtrooms. 

They are administrative, we are in Equity. 

I hope this helps!

We always stand alone in court; We speak to the Waters like God spoke to the waters;

No Attorney can defend you; no attorney can help you;

All attorneys work on the Sea.   I am not born on the Sea, I am born on the soil.