People have been taught by thieves how to be good slaves.  Good people have been taught in elementary, middle, and high schools by pirates how to be great slaves!  Follow the rules of the dead and we will only demand that you pay your taxes so we can have bigger houses and more social programming.

   Common Pleas Court
   Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

   In Regards to: :

   John James Doe:                                                                                             §§  18-SS-2105

   (concerning case number - _______________________________)

   entry of appearance, specially,

   i, john james doe, do hereby enter my appearance specially, in the above matter, for disposition, to     the equity of all parties;

   respectfully submitted this day, respecting [28 USC 1746(1)];


   this day:  feburary   ____, 2019                                                 

                                                           By:  ________________, _________________________
                                                                                           doe, johnjames






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Stopping the court

​You must stay in the Private!

How do you stay in the Private?

You cannot be a U.S. citizen, or Federal employee, You must stand as a man or be trampled like a worm under foot.

When you enter their court, do not cross the bar. Refuse to enter their jurisdiction. If you cannot get away from entering that bar, then place you disapproval on the record.

There are many things a man can do to gain or hold his rights and freedoms.

​The best way to learn these things is to join you State Jural Assembly.

What could possibly be so important about the Jural Assembly?

Let's take a good look at this in some detail. Without wondering off subject, the Jural Assembly works at the land jurisdiction. The Jural Assembly is the people at the "State" level government that oversees the incorporated service providers.  So how can the Jural Assembly help the people from Pennsylvania?  Below is an Example of paperwork to enter into any court case! Use it Wisely!

First you would enter the paperwork into the court by having the Court Clerk time stamp the paperwork fifteen or more mnutes before the case.   

You only Enter their Court "Specially"

If you don;t know what you are doing:

When asked questions, I suggest you only do two things in court. 

1. You read again from the paperwork:

2. You can answer, "I take the fifth without the assistance of council."