declaration and resolves
                                                              of the
                                Pennsylvania Natural Law Grand Jural Assembly 

              we the peaceful sovereign pennsylvanians born on the soil are pennsylvania nationals, acknowledge and accept this declaration; we do hereby affirm and testify to the facts written in this our declaration and resolve; we peacefully give notice that this jural assembly on the soil and land, pennsylvania, is now operating our lawful republican form of government and we do fully understand the following facts; for we require the full faith and credit from all who serve pennsylvania; for our lawful offices within pennsylvania boundaries are being lawfully operated without the united states; for we pennsylvanian nationals cannot lawfully keep dual citizenship;

an open public jural assembly was held including jurors, man over the age of twenty-one, of  "we the sovereign people" of the commonwealth of pennsylvania, state,

on this 24th day, the month of april in the year 2019 of which a summary of the minutes autographed and authenticated are attached.  this meeting was held within the boundaries of pennsylvania and recorded by audio digital format, hand written, and typed;

also included are the following;
this articles of our declaration and resolves;
the law by which we assemble;
the purpose we assemble;

the addendums, exhibits, and notices;

notice: official notification and certification, apostille, of, an open public jural assembly was held, of "we the sovereign people" of the sovereign commonwealth of pennsylvania state on august 21, 2011 of which summary of minutes certified are attached and included within along with attached Original 1776 commonwealth of pennsylvania constitution and act of general assembly to adopt seal of 1775 in pennsylvania. also please find attached the articles of confederation agreed to by congress november 15, 1777, ratified and in force march 1, 1781, specifically calling attention to; article II. each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this confederation expressly delegated to the united states in congress assembled.  In so ratifying and adopting the amendable maze of the above attachments, "we the sovereign people" of the commonwealth of pennsylvania desire to serve notice upon the world, through any and/or all available media applied and freely dispersed; including by, but not limited to/through, de facto united states postal service in accord with this notice establishing, through this notice, the commonwealth of pennsylvania sovereign state/nation (status), by the will of "we the sovereign people" on/in/of pennsylvania state, the land. no assumptions and/or presumptions shall be presented against, nor changes made to this notice. we do not intend to join any affiliations with international monetary fund, world banks, united nations, federal reserve or any such organizations. we are not affiliated with the republic for the united states of america, the united states of america, Inc. or any other organizations seemingly representing states. we revolt and are independent against all foreign alleged encumbrance/claims associated with the corporate incorporated United States and corporate states and others, or as debtors in every/any circumstance past/present/future contracts alleged to hold private individual sentient, flesh and blood, living beings as collateral for same, through fictional established NAMES, governmental trust, religious trust, taxation, fees, permits, fines, ordinances, licensing etc., and unlimited other implied contractual sources as so brought forth by agents and agencies affiliated with the same; and corporate entities internationally and worldwide, without full knowledgeable disclosure and consent to/of each and every mankind. we adhere to a republican form of government using the treaty law, natural law, and pennsylvanian common law of which shall be permanent law forms, through contractual agreements, privately. we adhere to the separation of church and state, whereas no particular or any religious influence of conscience shall be involved with the public policy of governmental affairs. we adhere to all our unalienable rights forever and a day.
find attached as the above and holding the same authority are the following; a declaration of the rights of the inhabitants of the commonwealth 1776 for state of pennsylvania, redefined 2019,  the declaration of independence July 1st, 1776. the covenant of de jure nations unite march 2018 which includes;
 the declaration of independence 1776 is the first organic law establishing autonomous colonies and the beginning of a republican form of government, of, for, and by the people of the united states of america.
 the articles of confederation 1777 is the second organic law established for the colonies under article I and article II of the articles for the people of the united states of america.
 the northwest ordinance which includes the northwest territories is the third organic law under article XI of the articles of confederation 1777 for the people of the united states of america. 
 the constitution for the united states of america, circa 1787, an un-ratified draft written by the founding fathers who failed to bring forward the nation-state constitutions and seals; herein the unwritten Law, our common law, maxims of law and treaty law under article VI of the constitution for the united states of america shall be the supreme law and the fourth organic law for the people of the united states of america. 

Part a: for herein we detail our lawful wishes and demands; for first the purpose of this notice is to void any presumption of authority and or power of attorney that any foreign or domestic usurper, or foreign general, clergy, agent, or representative which that one might possess or declare; for all foreign stewards are now working on a month by month basis; second our purpose is to declare our resolves; for now all foreign powers are to come to a swift halt in at on above or below pennsylvania; for all foreign or domestic commercial agents or representatives are now herein given notice of your replacement by our land based deputies in all military, agents, assemblies, and councils; for all foreign military, agents, or representatives at every level are now to be defunded, removed from public or private funding based on our credit, and the people’s credit returned for use by our deputies, or criminal charges will be brought before a natural law grand jury; for those who uphold the law of our soil and land jurisdiction will continue unabated temporarily, for no legal person, foreigner, U.S. citizen, or british inhabitant or resident can lawfully hold public office on pennsylvania;

part b: and be it further ordained and declared, that the laws which were in use before the dissolution of the late government shall be the rule of their proceedings so far as the same may not be inconsistent with the oath or affirmation to uphold the public law hereinafter directed to be taken and subscribed, and that the style of their precepts shall be in the name of the state of pennsylvania, before their witness on the soil for the time being. 

part c: for we will give notice of the election by the people of our State Assembly Chairman and other land based office holders. for we will shortly be sending our subcontractors and forensic auditors into every county and national office to verify all claims;

                                                “declaration and resolves”


our articles;
            article dr-1: throughout these last centuries, the injustices that brought our ancestors together in congress assembled to resolve for redress against the king or queen, or crowns of england including “the city”, the vatican, the district of columbia, representatives, and other known pirates, and usurpers of our public law, have continued by theft under the UNITED STATES and its subsidiaries, and we have since been deprived of the unalienable natural rights reserved by us, which by their unlawful extension of the specific jurisdiction delegated to them, by we the people of the several states, through the united states of america. we the people of this land, pennsylvanians, acknowledge that we have not been ever-present to answer your concerns, we are here now and will remain here to answer questions in a common format; it is your, our servant’s duty, responsibility, and benefit to follow your contracts with fidelity; because of immoral acts and structures against pennsylvanians which are pennsylvania nationals, we do also therefore and herein name the following grievances which you are now required to correct:

            article dr-2: whereas, you have set up public forums under private auspices so as to deprive us of our rights of speech, writing, privacy, and association; our ability to obtain truths already known, to identify non-truths, and practice the arts of discovering new truths has been maimed and restricted by systems of foreign schooling, military industrial, and informational monopolies, and the commercialization of our cultures; true facts, necessary to the health and security of our lives have been kept secret under the auspices of national security which is not organic or lawful, therein have been deliberately misrepresented, or when publicized, whose publication have been made such that knowledge of these necessary facts are not generally resolved leaving the people without an adequate mutual defense.

            article dr-3: whereas, you have entered our persons into associations without our express consent or full knowledge and wrongly presumed our status and capacity to be of a determination that is inconsistent with and misrepresentative of their true nature; we have been tried in courts of admiralty for causes arising on the land, and for which there was no victim, also for the tacit or express purpose of generating a revenue, and very often have been unlawfully or deceitfully compelled into representation by a foreign syndicate beholden to foreign courts and not to their client on the presumption of our incapacity to practice self-government; the privacy of pennsylvanians and our papers has been continuously and brazenly violated.

            article dr-4: whereas, you have immorally caused us to be incrementally dis-joined from our land and our labor, thus we are rendered dependent and destitute by our servants; we have become homeless in our own country. our ability to acquire and enjoy full and clear title held in allodium, land, property, improvements, and to profit from the fruits thereof, be they mineral, vegetable, mechanical, or otherwise, has been fragmented, unduly burdened or otherwise seized; you have laid false claims of title to unoccupied or foreign occupied lands, sold off our rights of way; be they the right to travel, passage, or access and use of public lands, while you have restricted our right to bear arms and tools in defense of our private land and lives or to make use of the flora and fauna of our public lands; you have kept standing armies in times of peace, while neglecting to provide security in times of war by providing for the proper training of our militias; you are in breach of trust.

            article dr-5: whereas, you have bound us with onerous burdens of debt fraudulently issued, promulgated or allowed usurious rates of interest on all debts, unlawfully paid debt with debt, and collateralized our persons and lands to facilitate this fraud and theft; you have facilitated private monopolies’ usurpation of our own right to create currencies and coinage and to hold our labor, resources, and lands as collateral against which to issue such notes of credit by certain unlawful acts and statutes, thereby allowing for the eventual devaluation of all trusts, land, and properties; we now withhold our good faith credit from you;  by these currency monopolies, thereby created, you have aided and abetted unlawful formation of monopolies and foreign agents in all necessary things that ensure our happiness, including but not limited to land monopolies, trade monopolies, agricultural monopolies, press monopolies, currency monopolies, and the like;  this has left the peoples of these lands destitute and property-less; reliant upon un-payable levels of debt and interest and without proper means of redress; you have morally failed in your duties and now must relinquish all power of attorney.

            article dr-6: whereas, you have imposed de facto upon us, which is a singular uniform commercial form of government without our fully informed consent, misrepresenting a contractual legalized democratic state operated from our de jure forms of government lawfully founded.  you have given, by acts and statutes, unlawful powers of taxation under only the color of our representation, color of law, to incorporated foreign franchises, municipal and otherwise, and so thereby you have secured no rights whatsoever for the people whom you have falsely claimed to represent; instead you have, through and by unlawful legal acts and unlawful legal statutes, infringed upon our natural right to defend the health and security of our bodies and lands by restricting our access to and use of herbs, natures remedies, and our labor, arms, and tools that secure this right; you have defaulted on true liberty;

            article dr-7: whereas, we, the people of this land, in order to effect the common blessings of nature's law for ourselves and all our posterity; to ensure the health, safety, and prosperity of our people and land, that a lasting justice and peace here on earth may be secured; declare and resolve that the facts herein are the truth established under the universal jurisdiction of our father and his nature and that, furthermore, no living individuals, persons, agents, corporations, states, cities, or any other legal or commercial entities of any kind whatsoever have lawful right, license, authority or capacity to deprive any pennsylvanian on this land without just cause and due process of treaty or the public law; for we have ratified our social contracts.

              article dr-8: whereas, it is our wish, declaration, and resolve that we hold no prejudice from this day against any race or sex. therefore, we believe in fact all mankind are created equal.

            article dr-9: ...................................................  that: the right of all mankind to speak and to listen, to write and read, and to publish and distribute as they see fit, in public forum or in private; the necessity of voluntary education for a free society, shall not be abridged in whole or in part or in public so long as that exercise does not infringe upon another's right to the same. the right to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth of any fact whatsoever, except in times of war where such disclosures may result in significant injury to life, liberty, or property;  pennsylvania nationals are not at war and have not declared or agreed with any war after the year 1814; the right to privacy in our affairs, persons, and papers, shall not be seized or searched or infringed without due process of law executed upon a pennsylvania natural law warrant issued specifically naming that which is to be searched or seized.

            article dr-10: ...................................................  that: nature and nature’s creator has seated the keeper of sovereignty in the living soul; all rights are unalienable and the powers thereof, and no unalienable right may be restrained or otherwise burdened unless in the pursuit of justice through the due process of law when harm or injury has been proven to have occurred; where there is harm or injury, justice demands that a restoration of rights be made by remedy adjudicated through a quick and fair trial, and that the accused be fully informed of the nature and cause of the accusations being made against them and are able to present evidence and call witnesses in their own defense or by a friend; all criminal actions require a grand jury decision based upon the proof provided by both sides if required by the grand jury or the prosecution; that both parties elect a judge and be adjudicated by a fully informed organic impartial jury of their peers and vocation of the vicinity wherein the injury occurred, working diligently under affirmation to uphold truth, justice, and due process in natural law and not civil law; natural law being unalienable, all rights at all times in all cases are assumed reserved, unless otherwise specifically delegated with the fully informed and explicit rescindable consent of the delegating sovereign; no artificial individual or person, legal person, trust, corporation, state, commonwealth, or other created entity whose powers of right are derived from such delegation can by private agreement deny the claim to original possession of or title to these rights by mankind or a living soul.

            article dr-11: ..................................................  that: the land on which a living soul makes their home is their natural domain. every soul having the right to life and freedom has also, by that same, a right to domicile in the heavens, to which is a place where exercised on the soil and land and upon which their right and freedom may be exercised; a right of way over the land, sea, air, and space; all title in allodium or title to property, be it in soil, land, or to space of any form, is derived from direct occupancy, continuously and prudently held. for no right to the use, disposal, inheritance, sell, or any other transference of title by the title holder may be withheld, with or  without the fully informed and explicit consent of the title holder. whereas deeds for land title are unlawful, morally bankrupt and without merit, whereas title in allodium or title with a bill of sale is lawful title; that no tax, rent, lease, or any other fee, be imposed upon an occupant by a non-occupant; that all living souls hold title to their natural domain also known as freehold which is not only nobility; non-occupants have the right to pass though a domain uninjured, that none suffer injury to the right of natural law, freehold, or travel. the right to bear arms and the use of tools in defense of these rights shall not be infringed, the responsibility to serve in the militia of the vicinity for the same, unless exemption declared for reasons of inability, conscience, philosophy or faith, shall not be questioned or diminished. that standing armies be raised only based upon warranted situations of fact necessitating a well regulated defense for as long as the situations persist or until treaties or other agreements can be made that a cessation of hostilities be reached.

            article dr-12: ..................................................  that:  justice is equitable; for inequitable exchange is theft. a just exchange of value is of equitable proportion to cost, as a just debt is of a limited duration. the charging of interest on debt is theft of value due in a just and equitable exchange. the right to possess property, improvements, or land is also the right to dispose of property, improvements, or land; whosoever produces value of any kind through labor or loan, has title to rights of property, improvements or land in that value proportionate to their contribution to its production; the determination of value is at the sole discretion of the exchanging parties. for free ability to exchange, gift, loan, hold in trust, hold title, or otherwise dispose of property, improvements, or land is unalienable. the holding of value for the use as collateral against which to issue debts in the form of promissory notes, notes of credit, bills of credit,  financial instruments, contracts of exchange of common goods, coinage, or any other monies that act as a medium of exchange, is a natural right of every living soul; for we demand return to our international trade banks and our true real money; for no administrative justice is permitted on our land for there is no monarchy by divine right to serve, therefore, administrative justice is an act of inland piracy, and we now return to our federal circuit courts and natural law courts and all writs which we proclaim are now open for business; therefore, we give open notice that our public judicial buildings, seals, timeframes, processing, and structures are now given precedent, open to the public at all times and accommodated by our servants.

             article dr-13: .....................................................  that: for pennsylvanians reserve the right to choose our own form of government, that no governing state, commonwealth, nation, tribe or other association of any kind may deny this right nor act upon a claim of power of right without an explicit proof of the delegated authority to do so, nor may they presume a claim of jurisdiction over a people, person, place, or subject matter without explicit and specific proofs. there is no contract without the full comprehending disclosure of its nature to all parties contracting, or the voluntary agreement to its terms. no state, nation, church, union, school, or any association of any kind may include any one living soul within its jurisdiction without that living souls expressed and fully informed consent. the only just form of association is voluntary association; there is no form of consent that can be given that cannot be also withdrawn; therein licensing lawful actions is a criminal negligence and is prohibited;

           article dr-14: ..........................................................  that: for the military emergencies on our soil are finished except for removing all the foreign agents and pirates from pennsylvania, for the Lieber code is no longer required and is void in on above or below the soil of pennsylvania;  and we pennsylvania nationals reserve the right to hold liable for criminal and compensatory action all military action against civilian or pennsylvanian, and any foreign action against a pennsylvanian without merit is an enemy and shall be defended against by arms when necessary;  all foreign commercial service providers or those foreign agents presuming to represent pennsylvania nationals are noticed herein your office is now void and without authority for breach of trust and inland piracy; you should make plans to leave our land, sea, and air.

          article dr-15: ............................................................  that: for pennsylvanians reserve the right to hold liable all servants of the people that hold back current public funding of our land jurisdiction republican form of government structures or obligations by diverting that current funding unlawfully to foreign or incorporated programs or structures; our land offices shall be currently funded perpetually, for only because of monopolistic, racketeering, barratry, inland piracy, and other criminal actions is our pubic structures underfunded or our currency and coin replaced by private notes; for our good faith and credit has been usurped and stolen by our employees, and they are now liable to restore our credit;

         article dr-16:  ...........................................................  that: for pennsylvania nationals, creditors, reserve the right to hold liable all financial accounting where current funds or credit are public or private and used for any harmful or injurious action to mankind, public animals or insects, the environment, land, or watersheds; for funds will be confiscated and agents prosecuted;  this includes any harmful or injurious program or injurious structure, but not limited to, fluoridated water, over chlorinated or other toxic chemicals in water, vaccine programs, pollution, public schools within one mile of telecommunications towers, for any ELF, EMF, RFR or manmade transmitting source that is harmful to living souls, animals, plants, or minerals in their natural state; the overlooking or oversight of harm or injury by public and private investigators or officials; and the creation of rules and regulations that allow harm or injury in equity are immoral action, compensation and much more according to the law of nations, natural law, or pennsylvanian common law are required; for no foreign agent or structure is given power of attorney; for by presumption or usurpation of said power of attorney of the above action is criminal trespass.

        article dr-17: .............................................................  that: for pennsylvanians reserve the right to hold liable all agents, corporations, incorporations, employees, that cause public harm or injury without impunity or immunity; for we hold the unalienable right from the beginning to defend our lives, bodies, land, improvements, and property from harm or injury by arms and tools as necessary; for no trust or compensation structure will withhold criminal liability for harm or injurious action(s) to people, animals, land, improvements, private or personal property by foreign or domestic agents, employee, corporation, government, or incorporation; for open discriminatory or criminal actions hold triple the compensation to be paid to both the peoples courts and the people harmed or injured according to the accounting of a natural law grand jury; for no sovereign immunity or security can be granted by the people to any dead thing; also concerning security, the united states or the united states of america is not a nation, but a union of nations, therefore the nations alone which pennsylvania is does hold national security, and not the united states or the united states of america; therefore those making false claims of “national security” will be held for criminal racketeering;

        article dr-18:  ..........................................................  that: for pennsylvanians reserve the right to choose our own courts; for our federal circuit courts, our natural and pennsylvanian common law courts, our organic, contractual, (article 3 courts) and chancery courts on the soil and land are now restored by we pennsylvanians; for our use of habeas corpus is still forever kept sacred (1679); for any sheriff, judge, magistrate, agent, or servant of the people who do not follow the law of nations or the public law will be held for criminal trespass and or criminal negligence; for according to the public law BAR members or other agents of religious affiliations outside public law are forbidden to hold public office;
for morality dictates one must profess faith in the law of nature and natures creator according to the declaration of independence of which is natural and public law on pennsylvania, also by William Penn 1682; for kings bench,1722, will be upheld for all U.S. citizens as relief from international inland piracy.

        article dr-19:  ........................................................  that: for we pennsylvanians require and resolve now herein our unalienable right to privacy and declaration; we are requiring that all identification structures be equitable; for we hold you liable for our health and safety when confronted by any peace officer, or law enforcement officer, code officer, constable, sheriff, domestic or foreign agent, public or private(title 22); when upon stoppage for lawful probable cause we claim to be a pennsylvanian, pennsylvania national, state national, or other organic identification, that except for a criminal action resulting in harm or injury according to public law or the law of nations, we will be allowed to be on our way swiftly without being harassed or discriminated against or that agent shall be criminally and or publicly liable; for commercial bills of attainder can be ignored as frivolous;  for we hold to our right of free ingress and regress on public paths, roadways, waterways, and airways; further we have created our own identification structures, cards, or passports as a sovereign nation for international use through our international delegates (senators) which are to be recognized worldwide; these structures are held in trust for all pennsylvanians on the soil and land; we never did and do not now desire to contract our identifications outside our soil or land jurisdiction; the oxymoron term, “sovereign-citizen” is derogatory and does not apply to a pennsylvanian, therefore any use of this term against a pennsylvanian is a verbal assault, slander, and criminal operation; we declare all other non-public identification structures void from the beginning; we wish to be left alone.

        article dr-20:  ........................................................  that: for pennsylvania “reconstruction” is now here and the unincorporated, Pennsylvania State, and The State of Pennsylvania, is present and functioning;  for our jural assemblies have nominated and elected officers; pennsylvanians require and resolve now herein; for this is the first declaration of rights for this year and is preemptive in nature, following the laws of nature and nature’s creator that we now go to our brothers and sister stewards with many witnesses; for next herein, our  “declarations and covenant” will further outline our required resolve as we, pennsylvania nationals, our lawful public declaration in law on the soil and land is herein and forthcoming, from the beginning; we claim now our state land trusts as creditors and plowmen; for we are awaiting the hour upon which we can join our neighbors in our union, the, States of America.

       article dr-21: ……………. for we test our resolve; for we whose names are hereunto subscribed do solemnly, peaceably, and sincerely declare and affirm that Pennsylvania and The State of Pennsylvania is and of right ought to be a free sovereign and independent state, and i, a lawful man on the land, do forever renounce all allegiance, subjection, and obedience to the king, queen, or crown of Great Britain, and for fact i, as fiduciary with fidelity, do truly, solemnly, and sincerely to the best of my belief or informed knowledge declare and affirm that I, never have knowingly since i was born under the declaration of independence, and articles of confederation, directly or indirectly aided, assisted, abetted or in any wise countenanced the monarch of great britain, his generals, fleets or armies, the vatican or holy roman empire,  district of columbia, or their adherents in their claims upon these united states and that i have ever since i was born free thereof demeaned myself as a faithful citizen and or subject of any foreign country or someone of the United States or territorial or municipal U.S. citizen; and that i freely without mental reservation will at all times maintain and support the freedom, sovereignty and independence of pennsylvania.

        article dr-22: ……………….for we now elect to amend and restore the charter of The State of Pennsylvania, our Constitution, to guarantee the abolition of slavery and involuntary servitude, guaranteeing equal rights and protections in and of the law for women, establishing protection for minors forbidding child labor, kidnapping, trafficking of mankind and all similar crimes against minors or incompetent persons, including provisions against improper probate of their estates, for life begins at conception and that from conception DNA is owned by that one mankind which is the original created body only and no other, outlawing undisclosed contracting practices and unconscionable contracts, and explicitly adopting the principles and directives of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence of the united States of America, July 4th 1776 as the public and natural Law under which The State of Pennsylvania operates in concert with the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, and The Constitution for the united States of America, 1787; in witness whereof we have caused these our letters to be made patents witness of we.

       article dr-23: see attached addendums, notices, and exhibits; (may not be in a particular order)


A. addendum a: Law   (pg 10)
B. pennsylvania – constitution of pennsylvania – circa august 1776 (pg 15)
C. a declaration of the rights of the inhabitants of the commonwealth, or state of pennsylvania” august 1776 which is now;
notice: Pennsylvania Natural Law Grand Jural Assembly Declaration and Covenant;

articles (pg 16) and index (pg 25)
D. articles and rebuttal of supreme court decisions      (pg 58)
E. covenant of the dejure nations unite                        (pg 65)
F. physical boundaries of pennsylvania                        (pg 68)
G. pennsylvania jural assembly seals                          (pg 70)
H. pennsylvania governance                                        (pg 71)
I. pennsylvania mission statement                               (pg 80)
J. definitions                                                                 (pg 81)

K.minutes from the pennsylvania natural law grand jural assembly for April 2nd,3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th,15th, 16th, 17th,22nd, 23rd,  24th of the year 2019 and the pertinent committee meeting minutes which are all recorded three ways.
L. newspaper ad
M. APOSTILLE including the articles of confederation, the seal of the supreme court, and the constitution for pennsylvania ratification, september 28,  2011
N. the declaration of independence, july 4th 1776
O. Oath of Office resolve


 page 1;
                          Pennsylvania Natural Law Grand Jural Assembly 

                      “notice of our living testimony in the form of an affidavit” 


“parties named above herein”

RE:  Illegal, Unlawful, Unconstitutional and Fraudulent Action(s), (False Claims and Counterfeit Securities)    Verified Administrative Action   This is an Administrative Action under [Public Law 97-280] and Scripture (Exhibit 1) also under our sovereign Treaty Law to determine the facts.

 This action is being presented via Affidavit to certain directed party(s) who shall answer themselves personally by Affidavit within twenty days for verification:

fact; for we Pennsylvania Nationals on the soil hold all parties, persons, people, and agents liable for all contracts, oaths, affirmations, and our Lawful beliefs found declared herein by our declarations, resolves, covenant, articles, notice, and definitions;
fact; for because you have been found guilty hereby this notice of, breach of trust, fraud, racketeering, and misidentifications of your creditors, which we are, to which has occurred, and are occurring now, you must now cease and desist from all your foreign or deceptive commercial contracts or presumptions against any Pennsylvania National and now return all good faith and credit to We the People assembled on the soil;
fact; for We the People on our land as jurors pronouncing these judgments by the people’s Grand Jural Assembly now make public, our lawful, verified, and autographed declarations, covenant, and resolves herein.


On this day__1st__ of this month ___May___ of the year 2019,

I, a man, David Clarence of York County, Pennsylvania State, and County Notary did verify this official public notice, declaration, covenant, and resolve;


                                                                                                                             Secretary for The State of Pennsylvania

                                                                                                                                               Sergeant at Arms


                                                                                                                       County Notary _________________________ seal