for the Pennsylvania Natural Law Grand Jural Assembly

Example: (please see instructions above for details)

SUBJECT: Recording and Verified Copies of 2 (Two) paperwork.

 (Example)Deed of Reconveyance paperwork
3 pages, $10 for the first page + $2 for each additional page = $14.00

 (Example) – Certificate of Acknowledgement and Acceptance
4 pages    $10 for first page + $2 for each additional page = $16.00

(Example) 1 (one) verified copy of Deed of Reconveyance  document
_3___ pages $2.50 for the first page and $0.50 for each additional page = $3.50

(Example) 1 (one) verifiedcopy of Certificate of Acknowledgement and Acceptance
4 pages   $2.50 for the first page and $0.50 for each additional page = $4

Grand Total enclosed   $37.50 (US Postal Money order in my name.)   No Checks.
State Land Records Office in c/o stanford, eleanor irene.

Also, find enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope (Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope strongly suggested) with prepaid postage of $_______ for the return of the originals and the certified copies.

: This is the paperwork for you to fill in and figure out the costs of recording and postage. Please send this with the cover sheet. 

​Pennsylvania State Recorders Office

:The people making the request to have paperwork recorded by this office are liable for all content of that paperwork.

: This "Cover Sheet" is to be filled in and sent with all requests to have any paperwork recorded by the this recorders office.


 It is ENTIRELY the responsibility of the sender of documents/paperwork to be recorded to ensure that personal and sensitive information be redacted or concealed in some fashion.
This office will not attempt to redact personal and sensitive information such as, but not limited to: social security numbers, account numbers, birth dates, Birth Certificate numbers and the like from documents / paperwork which are sent to be recorded in the public domain.
Documents recorded in the public record are subject to inspectionby ANYONE and the sender should take the appropriate steps to conceal anything which he does not want disseminated in the public.

Thank you for your understanding.

 stanford, eleanor irene

 Pennsylvania State Land Records Office

: We record paperwork for the Nation-States on the Land jurisdiction.

: When that paperwork is recorded, a request may be made for verified copies of the paperwork as agreed by those who own the paperwork.

: All public agents, administrators, corporation, or other may view the originals but cannot remove any original paperwork.

: We strongly suggest that when you request to have paperwork recorded that you bring extra originals for yourself and for our secondary offices. If you desire to have our County Notary autograph the paperwork, you must bring an original for the Notary to keep on file. So we suggest five originals. The cost increases only according to the Notary costs and not the costs of this office. The Notary is not in this Office at this time. We mail your originals to the County Notary and await their return. 

​: All verification's are sealed and autographed by this Office. 

Thank you