My Prayer of Sovereignty

I Love you, my source energy and divine creator,
We are one, we have always been one energy, one mind and one body;
My witness to my word is divine source of all ages;
I am Wizard; I and source; I am Time; I am Love;

I call upon all spiritual forces, beings, thoughts and energies, to come forward now if you have a contract with me;
Come and gather all of you now;
I am Wizard; I am source; I am sovereign;

I now cancel from the beginning all contracts of deception, greed, adverse, fear, and intimidation, whether incoming or outgoing, from the beginning; You have tried your best to intimidate me by false pretense, with your false claims of grandeur and infatuations of kingly powers; Well done, but not good enough! I stop all contracts with you who are evil, corrupt, immoral, and shadows of powerlessness; No matter what name you give yourself, no matter what system you build yourselves into, you are voided; You have not now and never have been given, and never shall have any ruling authority; You are the Snake in the Grass, the cockroach to be trampled under foot; All back doors into my world are now closed; Those who agree with you are without power and void; I pronounce all contracts from the beginning of time with you, null and void; Your energies are now to return back to source from whence you started to be recreated for positive purpose as the rot of a great oak tree;

I am Sovereign! I am Wizard!

I now trod under foot all snakes in the grass spiritual and physical that would stand against my community at large. I stand strong in their place as they are lulled asleep my pervasive and intolerable darkness; As Lawful counsel for the incompetent, I bind all contracts made by my family and friends, and community made under duress blindly with any darkness from the beginning; Our lives are Holy; We are powerful creators; We are peaceful sovereigns; We are sovereign; We are Wizards; We are Holy; We create our reality;

I pray as source energy; I and my father are one. I am recreated all that I am in this body for a new dimensional transformation, trans-generation; I am going in a new positive direction now, I am changing my timeline now;

I call upon all spiritual forces, voices, thoughts, and energies that intimidate me with good conscience and pure loving, graceful and peaceful intentions; Well done! I give you high praise and gratitude! With you I desire to contract a new all the more. I pray thee protect my body, soul, and spirit intact and rational. Hold back the emotional sensual body for just cause, and release it's enfolding creative powers. Cause my new life and body to be filled with health and healing, beauty, peaceful collaborations, sovereign intentions, sovereign peoples and assemblies of sovereign intelligence and moral uptake; Standing strong in the energies of light, Bring to me those who will contract for my faithful profit emotionally, physically, monetarily, and spiritually; I enable all my angels of grace and mercy to bring physical, and emotional, and spiritual influx of energies from the universe into my bodies astral and physical now!

I am Wizard; I am source; I am Sovereign; I and my father are one; We are one, We have always been one, for as long as I can remember, we have always been one body, one mind, one purpose, one
universe;  So Be It!