<<<   holding our stewards to

         their Oath of Office

          (Western Penna)

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Notice the international Postage Stamp in the top right corner with my autograph over the stamp sealing the Oath into an international jurisdiction and making myself the postmaster of this paperwork.

What is written in Red Letters?

i, a man, being morally upright, timothy alan: of the family harmon©®™,a foreign state, in God’s Kingdom, hypothecated Trinity, in Propria Personam, without the UNITED STATES, accept for honor, value, fact and consideration your oath of office. Now you and i have a private binding contract that you will protect and defend all of my God given and Constitutionally declared and protected rights.

Go to the County Clerk office at the local courthouse.and ask for an "Oath of Office of whomever you might desire.

Herein are a few examples of my own.

First is a judge, second is a sheriff and third is a tax collector!

As you can see the oaths all look different from the next, it doesn't matter.

This is the back of the page. Always remember to write on the back and the front. The front is considered commercial and the back is private. So you notice a second postage stamp in the lower right corner with my autograph across the stamp. You also notice the written words, "All rights reserved, At arms length, and A living man.

​This is important in case the judge turns it over and says "I don't see anything!" "Well he'll see something on my paperwork!

Accepting an ​"Oath of Office"

Notice the red print over the copy of the oath of office and my autograph creating a binding contract.