Welcome to Innocence
                                                 February 2016
                                                    Chapter 1

                                           Introduction to Peace

       One time I walked along the road of life mesmerized by the flowers and wild strawberries that grew along the side of the road. I found a meadow and under a darkened ole pine I found a lush carpet of moss.
             The moss was plush and deep dark green. I felt it under my shoes and it seemed to be so soft I could lay down and sleep upon it. So I did.
          First I bent down, I was young, all of less than two feet to sit down. I touched the wondrous beauty with my fingertips. It surprised me. It was not soft and warm and cozy. I lay down over the perfect bed of moist soft but cold moss. Even in mid summer under this ole tree where the moss grew deep, it was cold to my bones as I lay still.
          I was up on my feet in amazement. I was utterly astonished at the facts that I encountered. The beautiful soft mossy bed was wet and cold and chilled my bones even in the summer.
            I walked away with my innocence in tact, but a lesson in wisdom tucked into my mind. “Moss is not warm and cozy; not even in the summer heat!”
             I sat at my work station pondering my unhappy life. My knowledge base was as strong as I could have desired in the moment. I realized that I was missing my most important lesson. I was missing the facts. Oh yes, I have always known the facts, but I did not consider their value or at least not until now.
            I cannot own my innocence without honesty. When I was young my innocence was as natural as breathing. Little by little I saw my innocence reduced to rubble. I didn’t see the trade-off. Each step up the ladder to adulthood seemed to remove a little piece of my innocence from me. That was what I believe most people think and become.
           I sat looking into that dirty closet in my mind; that dusty closet where I had stashed away my innocence so that I could manipulate not my life, but the lives of other people. This was for the sake of security.
          I realized my folly! I had failed to understand the wisdom of my mossy bed which showed me that ‘all is not as it seems.’

       I had taken my innocent perspective on moss and turned that innocence into wisdom. Now I’m looking at a dusty closet in my mind picking up my long forlorn innocence and pondering the meaning all over again.

       You see when I was only three and half feet tall and imagining that I was looking into my dusty closet, the closet had nothing in it save wisdom that I was procuring. My innocence was held deep within my soul where it flowed from.
       Today as I peered at my innocence I saw it from a different perspective. My innocent attitude was diluted but my innocent attribute was always the same. My innocence did not change, it was forgotten tucked away safely in the dusty memory of time.
       My three foot tall young impressionable self innocence was still the same. Innocence does not change with time, other thoughts simply overwhelm it. Innocence is a very delicate power like gravity is a low impact, weak, force. Gravity is, of course, very important and should not be taken for granted. Innocence is a delicate force not unlike love.

      Every person loves everyday. Our choice of what we love determines who we are in any given moment. For example, If I love anger because it benefits me; maybe people listen to me when I act angry, the I love anger because of the benefit.
    If I love hatred, then I am creating hatred in some form with every breath I take. Why, because, who I am right now is always dictated by the law of cause and effect. I always without any doubt, every time, everywhere, everyday, I reap what my thoughts are sowing. This is the law of our universe. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is the nature of love.
    Therefore love is a power and now a feeling. Or is it that every feeling is actually a power or force in the creative ramblings of my every day thoughts? I agree with the latter.
    Innocence being a weak or delicate feeling is granted if I do not allow a more powerful force to overcome it. So what are the more powerful forces that can overcome my innocent feelings?
    The list is far too big to cover but lets start with understanding that innocence is always present when honesty is present.
    So if I am dishonest, there is no innocent feeling. If I am angry, there is no innocent feeling. If I am gossiping then there is no innocent feeling. As I peer into my dusty closet in my mind I can see that anger, depression, violence, manipulations of all kinds have become the dust that is covering my innocent feelings.
   There is also another thought that is very pervasive. I really cannot love my innocence with out being at peace. So my love for innocence is squandered without recognizing the magnitude that peace must be established before my love of innocence can become a force in my life. Maybe peace flows from innocence.
    Now I am getting a new picture. Innocence flows from a bases of and works with a bases of other likeminded attributes. I can now see that love is a power… No, love is the most powerful feeling that I possess. However what I love is the most important feeling I can possess.      
     I can only walk in innocence if I work from the feeling of peace. Peace and honesty plus the power we call love will allow the delicate innocence to emerge victorious. This thought will create endless wealth, great health, and great intentions like helping humanity and mother earth. I am Innocence! I am Peace! I am Wisdom!
  If I use anger, violence, and dishonesty plus the power of love then I gain greed, hatred, lust, and a myriad of negative feelings that cause bad reactions in my life.
      I used to think wrongly that in order to overcome my negative desires, I needed to work them out. That process only recreated over and over the very obstacles that I kept recreating. It is a negative thought process that can only create more negative feelings which were feelings of insecurity, loneliness, wantonness, and endless feelings of being powerless. I cannot fight my own mind! I only end up fighting shadows.
    I was never more powerful, ever. But I was using my inborn natural power of love to create the very things that I was in love with. What was I in love with? I loved lust, loneliness, poverty, and the ability to say that everything bad was somebody else’s fault. Oh My! My mind, all I am  in  this body needed a paradigm change. 
      Who did I blame? Anybody that I could blame like ‘The government,’ or my parents, or the economy in general, or the tooth fairy. It didn’t matter. I preached, to myself, like the best of men.
    My favorite thought was, “All excuses are equal!” And then I applied that thought to everybody else. After all I was right, it couldn’t be my fault. Really does every other person I know tell me that I’m okay? “It’s the government that is the problem,” they told me.
     Wait a minute, “Isn’t it true that people create the government?” The government does not tell people what to do. The people tell the government what they what the government to do, right? So it’s my fault if the government is my problem. But as I looked into my dusty closet and realized that all these negative thoughts were my own thoughts, I was responsible for my own salvation.
   Peace and honesty became my new redeeming force. Not love as so many people told me. “Oh we need more love!” No, I need more peace and honesty so that my love is creating honor and not dishonor.
     My innocence was now taking back the force of faith and trust. Faith and trust are two very powerful feelings. When I mix faith and trust with the power of love, innocence becomes real again. My innocence restored will be like a beacon of light in darkness. I regain my divinity.
     I was angry that other people took advantage of my innocence. It was my own fault. I allowed it. I was assaulted and told that my innocence was not enough in the world of religion, for example. I was told that I needed a title of some kind like Prophet, Evangelist, or even Missionary. Today as I look into my closet and dust off the feelings of trust, peace, and honesty I realize the distraction that these misinformed religious profane folk announced was only their own truth. It was never my truth at all. Because I looked, right there as I peered in the dusty closet, my innocence was clearly still fully intact.
     I thought about the wisdom of lying on that cold damp moss under the big ole pine tree. And I understood, maybe for the first time in fifty years that Innocent feelings are always accompanied by Wisdom.
   So if I take first peace, then I add Wisdom and then honesty, toss in a dab of trust and a half-cup of faith I have found that my innocence is completely restored and now the power, the most powerful force in the universe, the power of love can shine like a beacon of hope.
   This is the perfect atonement I have desired. This is the truth that makes me free from all encumbrances. I must make the choice to be honest.      
       When I thought that my innocence had been stolen I was distraught and I had no remedy. When I realized looking inside my soul that my innocent feelings were never taken or missing but they needed to find their true partner. Wisdom is that partner. The wisdom that I have learned is the only partner that can release like a chemical reaction the true delicate power of innocence.
     Adding to wisdom then is the simplicity of understanding why my soul had this desire which is having this present experience in this time through the use of this body? The answer is to experience the happiness of creation as a whole. My soul desires to create happiness. That’s it; nothing more or less then my soul’s desire. Happiness is the feeling of innocence manifested into emotional bliss.        From that foundation of emotional bliss which is innocence based on a loving passionate thought of peaceful honest creative love within me; this is the most powerful force in the known or unknown universe. The force that moves mountains is my soul allowing peace to reign supreme. My supreme peace allows the nurturing of faith and wisdom with an underlying base of innocence to prevail. Source Energy or God is always my partner in creating. “I have not, because I did not ask properly.” I must claim ownership of my every thought.
     This is not complicated, all of the truth that is needed to complete any desire of my soul is found in a foundation of peaceful wisdom. When this wisdom is activated every other blissful force becomes a power to be reckoned with. There is not a mountain that can stand in the face of such a being or soul. My every thought comes before Source energy or the throne of my God.
     This is being empowered. Why? Love is the most powerful force in the universe because all ‘God’ power is brought into alignment. “Ask and you will receive!”
      “God” or Source Energy as I call it, always everyday, everywhere hears our every thought. The problem is when we do not focus our thought on a single thought long enough for ‘Source Energy’ to get a clear picture of what we desire. Focused thought is creative. But I also remember that God energy is never judgmental.  Therefore I reap what I sow, good or not, God will receive my thoughts.
   So as a result all ‘Source Energy’ gets to see is our soul’s thoughts of anger, or depression, or something that we do not want. In that case “Source Energy” sends us what we desire. In the case of being angry, we receive more anger or we are surrounded my angry people. We receive things that make us angry because we have angry thoughts and “God” is answering our ‘Prayer or our desire to be angry.” If we want to be angry, God sends us more reasons to be angry. The car breaks down and the children are annoying, or we receive what makes us angry. That is what it means to reap what you sow; this is the law of ‘cause and effect.’ This is the law of ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’
     So the wisdom I have found is that when other people give me their thoughts about anything. I must remember that somebody else’s thoughts are not my thoughts. I do not need to respect any thought that creates violence, despair, lust, or poverty. These are the thoughts of another soul. These are not my thoughts. My soul is every thought that I think. My body is only the wonderful devise that my soul uses to communicate in my time space paradigm. My soul, which is who I am, is having this wonderful experience of happiness and creativity in this present moment. That’s all! Other people or circumstances can not affect me except by default.
     Therein my innocence is in tact. Therein all wisdom is in tact. Right now all peace is present and accounted for. Faith is working fine. Trust is working just fine. Honesty is holding the stability between my positive and negative balance tipping the scale to positive intentions. Thus the road has turned north into the wonderful white silence of the snow capped regions where all is at peace and full of marvel, suspense, excitement, and promise.