Sadly: We have learned that we have been lied to from the beginning!

We have come to find out that all land and property deeds are going to be presumed to be commercial because the Land office has been stollen by foreign rogue actors.  So no matter what you claim, the opposition will not care. The best antidote is to have a simple "Bill of Sale!"

Because there is no money, no true currency, and because the true government can only accept gold and silver as payment pay of bills or taxes; then I cannot pay them with Federal Reserve notes! I cannot pay a debt with a debt, that is a crime!

And because their Supreme Court ruled in 1938 that there are no Common Law courts in the United states of America because there is no real money; we on the soil simply cannot pay these ship-bound rats except by promissory note!

So.. consider your options carefully!

​I believe that by sending the Treasury a Silver Bar for the tithe of ten percent according to the Warrant and land patent, that settles the agreement.

The rest is all misdirection by foreign corporate agents wanting to rob true people of their unalienable rights.                                               (this paragraph updated April 2019)

Land Patent Page

So, I personally Filled-Out number 3 - Land Patent Paperwork found above and added it to my Deed for my property when I Recorded my New Deed at the County Recorder office.

When Recording my Deed, I changed the wording from corporate commercial to UN-Kommon. What do I mean?

I started with a deed search at the local court house and traced the property back to the Land patent. Then I sent off to Harrisburg to the Archives and received Certified Copies of the Warrant and Patent.

I added the entire deed search from myself all the way back to the land patent.


Harmon to Harmon 2015

Smith to Harmon 1959

Janes to Smith 1938

Youngston to Janes 1883

Rubbles to Youngston 1881

all the way back to

William Penn (Pennsylvania)  to ​Stauffer

Land Patent no. H-21-121 Warrant no. 3232 August 21, 1781 signed by Gov...

#1.  I changed my names. I spelled them backwards; Last name first, for example. This makes me somebody that they do not have in their Registry.

Grantor Timothy Alan Harmon to Grantee Harmon; Timothy Alan.

#2. I cahnged my address; They made up my 911 address out of thin air. So I made up an address also.

My new address on the soil is:

© 100 Lincoln Street, Desire, Pennsylvania

C/O 1049 Hill Drive, Reynoldsville, Pa 15851

This address, they do not have in their registry. So the Land/Property is a different location. Desire is a village with no Post Office. 

3. I changed the description.  Instead of using feet I made up something different. Metes, with a description of metes. Instead of going from Post to post, 180 feet to... I go from Point zero, a rock north 99 metes to point one, a rock. Just change it!  You can not use their language.

4. I also did something different when I made my Land a Church. It is the Church of Refuge. I'm a Minister, so why not!

5. The most important  part may be bonding the Land/property. I used Anna's Bond Number to bond everything. 

 All property is covered by Private Registered Indemnity Bond number,
AMRI00001 RA393427640US – Pennsylvania,

Remember, it's your Deed. You can write it however you please.

I would now add that the Grantee is;

a. A (wo)man domiciled on the soil of Pennsylvania (birth State)

b. At American Common Law

c. At the Land Jurisdiction, unincorporated

d. the Land is "Fee Simple" - tax exempt

e. at arms length, All Rights Reserved, under protest, without recourse

f. Private Banker, Pennsylvanian state national

Add Pamphlet Law to the Deed;

Sessions Law; No. 1982-295 AN ACT HB 950 Amending Title 54 (Names) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, adding revised, codified and compiled provisions relating to names and marks and making conforming and related amendments to Titles 15 (Corporations and Unincorporated Associations) and 18 (Crimes and Offenses) and separately enacting certain related provisions of law. Damages are crimes, “mark,: “person,” “trademark,” “Trade Name,” “use,” 1121. 1123, 1125, 1126 Damages for fraudulent registration are held accountable; see facts at; 

Add a Habeas Corpus to your deed; 

Add scripture to the deed;

Add, LS, which is Living soul

Add a copyright sign to your new address and your names,

Add - Use a By-line, 

 By: harmon, timothy alan  © LS

or By: Timothy Alan Harmon, agent © LS

The three buttons above are excerpts from the two books below.