We remind everybody that we are here only to help educate you.

"we the people"

on the soil of pennsylvania

​welcome you!

   On another note; growing our faith.

In our world with trust and Love in our hearts, anything is possible! God is 

Love. God is patient, kind, all powerful and all knowing. We cannot be separated from God for any reason. Some folk would have you believe that you can  separate from your God. That's is impossible. 

Nothing exists except God has created it. The energy in a tree that keeps it growing is God energy. The energy in a worm is God. The energy of the human soul is God. The consciousness of a man's soul is directly connected to his God. God is EVERYTHING! How can a man or God be separated from anything. Everything in the universe is connected.

God is love! Love is the force or energy and consciousness of God in everything created for God's pleasure. So if a man tells you that you are going to hell, remember that God created everything including the man's fear that would desire to cut off your head to make himself look taller.

God has no judgment! The law of reaping and sowing is our judge. 

With Gratitude we welcome you to the website for the Pennsylvania Jural Assembly

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