My God is all in all

        When I woke up today sitting at the dining room table watching the birds at the bird feeder I knew as always one fact. My God did not only create everything but my God is everything. I recognized that every tree is full of God energy. Every bird is alive with God energy and every star in the sky is God energy. I am God, a living soul, and I live in a body. I use this body to communicate with the world around this, my, body.

          I know that every breath I breathe is God breathing and every word I speak is a part of God speaking. I am a god! I am a soul having this wonderful experience through a material body which is my property. This is my right under the Constitution for the United States with the Bill of Rights added in 1791 by my wondrous forefathers. More important is that my sovereignty existed before the Constitution. People are sovereign. Only a sovereign people can create another sovereignty like a government.

          The only difference between my self and a tree is the information used in the recipe of creation, the DNA. But the energy and the mind of my God is always present. Great science understands this and piggybacks on God figuring out what the mind of God already knows. They discover new things that have always existed so they actually only have a theory about what God is. God is everything! God has no beginning and no end.

          When we teach our children Quantum Mechanics instead of the lies in schools like Christopher Columbus discovered America when America did not need discovered, but our children are not taught how Columbus and all the invaders massacred the Indians by the millions; Why don’t we teach civics and the de jure original constitutional Republic government being of the people, by the people and for the people so our children are responsible for what they do; well, that will be a great day. Teach the children that we the people tell government what we desire; the true government does not tell me anything. That is Constitutional!

          God made Natural Law. Simple ethical law like don’t kill other people. Man created war over a mythical line on a map and greed by corporations who never have enough power.

          God is peaceful and all is pure even in the darkness we are taught how we should live by faith and have no fear in the darkness. We should fear no man, but only fear not living in peace and loving devotion toward one another. Fear is what keeps me from walking in front of a semi-truck. Fear is a teacher that I do not fear. That is the old adage, “The only thing to fear is fear itself,” because it always brings a hard lesson. But when we have learned not to touch the campfire, we won’t get burned and that is a great day.

Timothy Alan