This is the Generic Paperwork Folder Page designed for anybody desiring to place their names back onto the soil of their birth State. It is our private expression.

#1. cover page

#2. Deed of Re-conveyance

​#3. Act of Expatriation

#4. Certificate of assumed names

#5. Mandatory notice.

This are MSWord downloads >

Take note; the color of your copies are always black and white. Never send the originals to anybody. Hide the originals away for safe keeping to use over and over. Make multiple copies to keep on hand so you don't have to ruin the originals.

Also, you will want to get several Certified Copies of your paperwork.

​Most important is that the work gets done. It does not matter if you use black ink and write your paperwork out by hand.

The righteous color of choice for the original is red ink which stands for the blood of the Land jurisdiction. Autograph (never signature) your paperwork in red ink and seal with your red ink right thumbprint. Gold is for the jurisdiction of the Air or spirituality. Use blue before black;  

Take note; We are dealing with two incorporated and one unincorporated corporations. The two incorporated governments each spell your name differently. 

Original jurisdiction organic Autograph is, on the soil;

"timothy alan, harmon"

or "harmon: timothy alan" 

or "Timothy Alan, of the house of Harmon"

or when signing their citations autograph "BY:Timothy-alan: Harmon, agent"

Territorial government can be commercial like this, or not, because this is also on the land;   Timothy Alan Harmon;  remember we have the right to contract.


So the spelling is different for each government and we are addressing the two incorporated governments.

(When you get this all done, I sent copies of my paperwork to a whole list of people around the world. We need to tell the Secretary of State, bothe State and Federal of our Status by setting the Record straight. The squeaky wheel gets the most grease so start Squawking! Tell them you are a peaceful man at American Common Law.  Let them know that you are a non-combatant civilian domiciled on the soil of your home state.)

  Remember; Only federal employees pay federal taxes. I am not a federal employee; I am not a US citizen, sovereign citizen, private citizen, Citizen, Taxpayer, Resident of any State of State. These all create a link to their jurisdiction. 

You need to Record your paperwork to the public Record at a local courthouse. If possible return your paperwork to the courthouse in the county where you live or where you were born, but where is not mandatory as long as it is the States of America. You will need to pay for this recording process.

Remember that you are recording a deed and the other paperwork are called riders. They ride along with the deed. Only deed or affidavit is recorded at the courthouse by themselves so the other paperwork are called riders. File the paperwork in the order I have listed with cover-page first. Place the deed second and the rest in any order.