Facts About Courts

Consider that I am a friendly 5th amendment counsel, 

Fact. Everything these rats do is according to paperwork.

They are looking for "Dock-u- Ment's;" this is a 'Cargo" manifest. They only understand what is written on paperwork. Your "case" is your Cargo manifest. 

Fact. They are two dimensional. We are three dimensional, we have a voice. But, we created them, they are fiction so they can not hear our voice. So we do the paperwork!

The object here is to understand that we are dealing with two jurisdictions. We who are recorded on the soil are at the jurisdiction of the Land. We were born on the soil of our birth state. Our "Birthday" comes before their "Birth-date" (registration date) on the Birth-certificate. We work at trade. We are unincorporated. We are at American Common Law. Without the Land jurisdiction, the Sea cannot exist because they are man-made. We are creators.

They are man-made. The are incorporated. They are in commerce. They are at the jurisdiction of the Sea. They are at Admiralty, Maritime, or British Equity. They are created by man and therefore servants of man. They are the created. The jurisdiction of the Sea is operated out of the Crowns of England. These are foreign incorporated rats on vessels at Sea 'Dry-docked' in out public courthouses.

This need not be complicated! There are two entities. The British courts have stolen our identities and places our names as vessels at Sea.  We are not at Sea, so we grab our names and record them back to the soil of our birth state. This gives us our jurisdiction back to us on paper retrieved from the graven image grip of Babylon. Yes they are the same nasty Babylon, Canaan, and Pharisees from the Bible and our ancient texts.  

 LEV 18: 1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, I am the LORD your God.

3 After the doings of the land of Egypt, wherein ye dwelt, shall ye not do: and after the doings of the land of Canaan, whither I bring you, shall ye not do: neither shall ye walk in their ordinances. (Canaan means MERCHANT at Sea)

4 Ye shall do my judgments, and keep mine ordinances, to walk therein: I am the LORD your God.

5 Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments: which if a man do, he shall live in them: I am the LORD. 

File a mans paperwork in your own case; and file your own case with the court. (This is like placing your paperwork into a suitcase. Then turn the suitcase into the court. Your case filing can be one page and exhibits. Exhibits can be added later. (Cargo on a ship at sea)) They do not have to let you file in their case so file your own case and tell the judge you want them both cases (opened) and heard at the same time. Then watch them squirm. Above all! Keep your paperwork simple and to the point.

"i am a man, at American common Law, domiciled on the soil of Pennsylvania.." 

Because a man writes his own case in his own words at Common Law. Every case is different. You open your case at the public courthouse. It's not their courthouse. Open your own case and it's your own court! It's your court because you will be the only (living) man in the room. You don't have to say that. If they ask questions, and they will, you can answer, "I don't know about that, I'm a man."

They will have there case and you will have your own case. Now it's about who has the better case before the jury. It's not about you saying their case isn't any good. No, here's why my case is better!

Show that your suit has merit. 

Many times because the judge knows the Law, a hearing with a judge is better than a Jury. It depends on what is "at steak," for you. You are in charge of your own destiny.  

​Now if they accept my claim, then I must accept their claim. So I am both defendant and Prosecutor.

I am never a plaintiff. (plaintiff means complainer) They complain, we Claim! 

When we authenticate the birth Certificate the name comes back to the "holder in due course" which is me.

"First in time is first in line" is the Law.  My birthday is before the registration date.

When I Record my Deed and re-convey my name to the soil of my birth state, I place the name on the Land jurisdiction using Paperwork! This is the key to everything, “Doing the paperwork.”

Remember when you Record the 'Certificate of Assumed Name' at the records in the County courthouse that there is a Habeas Corpus in the paperwork. So when you file your court papers, file all these recorded paperwork also. This is so they cannot assume that you are in their jurisdiction. If they try to assume you are in their jurisdiction, ASK, "Are you trying to intimidate me? I filed my paperwork recorded on the soil at the Land jurisdiction." Always be in control, take control. 

In years past this whole process was difficult to learn because,

number one, nobody knew what they were doing.

Number two, every other nutty-rump out there tried to make a fast buck on our backs.

Well, not any more. I have spent four years and thousands of dollars figuring this out the simplest way possible.

Karl Lentz explains how to deal with them the best.

Anna  explains the easiest way to establish standing. Annavonreitz.com 

It's not too complicated.      

We are only dealing with two fraud artists; The Territorial and the municipal corporate governments. That's it. They stole our names, so we claim them back. We must rebut their presumptions.

Everything we do in court is a Claim on the Record. Only a living man can make a claim in court.

They which are fiction file complaints (plaintiffs), because they are fictions. Let's look at this; they cannot file a true claim. 

a. These courts are called statutory or Admiralty courts because they are at the jurisdiction of the Sea and they follow statutes. Statutes are corporate rules, for the most part, and not actual Law.

b. These are called Equity (equality or money, commerce) courts because they deal with the Cargo on Ships (Vessels at Sea). And they that work in them are mostly the BAR attorneys. B.A.R. is the British Accreditation Registry and these attorneys are registered with the British. They all hold British titles called, Esquire.  We are not vessels at sea (commerce)! So do not become a vessel in commerce; we are called vessels at trade. Trade is on the Land. They WILL TRICK you into their jurisdiction. Always remember when in doubt say, "I take the fifth without council."

We must remember that all of these/their titles are man-made and are not living people, they are fictions.

1. A judge: the word judge is a fiction. There are 'No' judges the United States or in British Equity courts. These so called "judges" are Executive Administrators. They administer the rules and public policies of the corporation they work for. The corporation is called, "The United States of America."  So these 'so called' judges administer statutes, rules, regulations, codes, and ordinances which fall under the Governor or the President of the corporation. The Governor of Pennsylvania is the Chief Magistrate. 
 It is the job of the administrator to get you to agree with them so they can claim jurisdiction. Never agree is my advice. It's a trap!

Think! The man puts on the Santa Clause suit (judge). Is it really Santa or just a man in a Santa Clause suit?  A judge is a man in a robe, like Santa. He has no authority to tell a man on the Land what to do because the 'judge' in at Sea jurisdiction. You can have a dry land, or a wet sea, but you can not have a muddy mix of jurisdiction.  A man is Land bound. A judge is Sea bound which is "Bound up with a chain," bound to the sea and a fiction. Do not bind yourself to the judge. Do not give the judge or any police officer any personal information. "I take the fifth without council." They can only hold you 72 hours. 

Fiction cannot speak! Fiction is not able to speak to the man. A chair I build can not tell me anything. It has no voice. If I command, "You do not have permission to speak to me. You do not have permission to touch my Private property which is my body. You do not have permission to touch my private property present or not present."

That's it! Understand.. Think... Who's in charge? I am! Follow the etiquette of the court. Be nice, smile. The judge is not in charge, You are! The judge is the administrator. You will need to tell him what you require him to do. You are the only (living) man in the room. Everybody else is a fiction unless you are facing another living man. So ask the questions?

Are you a resident of Pennsylvania? If yes, then that folk is a fiction. Figure this out!

Are you a US citizen, Federal employee; do you file income taxes and do you sign the documents? If they "Sign" documents, they are federal employees or US citizens.

Our Law is above the Constitution because we have inherent rights. So American Common Law is our inherent Law. The Common Law states if there is no harm or injury, then nothing happened.

We can beat any attorney in court every time if there wasn't any harm or injury!

​Who brought this case into court? This is one most important question. Make certain that a living man, not a fiction, brought the case into the room. If no living man can make a claim against you, there is no case.

As a man on the Land, "I wish, require, and demand that the one who brought this action into this room stand forward and verify the claim now, or forever hold his peace!"

Guess what! I'm the only man in the room.  The judge is a fiction. The prosecutor/opposition is a fiction. They have no voice at sea, remember!  I am therefore the only man in the room. I declare the outcome. In court everything is done three times. So I repeat myself three times while they ignore me. Three times I ask the first question, then.. Then I announce, "For the record as only a living man can do; There is no living witness and therefore there is no cause of action. This case must be tossed out, without prejudice, so I can submit my bill to the court, and get on down the road."  Call the bailiff, hand him/her your bill to give to the judge. Autograph any paperwork and SEAL it with your right RED ink thumbprint. Red is the blood covenant of the Land jurisdiction. 
Once you move your names to the soil established at the Land jurisdiction, you now have legs to stand on. Otherwise you are at the mercy of their court system because your name was registered at BERTH. They assume you are registered until you prove otherwise. Remember these are Rats at Sea. They work with everything in Commerce. When my name is Recorded by deed, I have proof that I am a man at trade. They work in commerce; I work at trade. 

I do not desire to kill all licensing because I'm not at war. I know they are fraud toward me. In court, I know how to deal with this issue. Have you watched any of my videos? 
Their licenses are all created by fraud unless I work in commerce. We now participate because we are under duress. This is very important because in court if I say "Under Duress" they are out, because my duress claim proves their fraud. Under Duress means that they have threatened to tax, fine, or incarcerate me if I do not comply with their commands. When I say I am "UD" then their command holds no power to enforce except by fraud concerning licensing. Also know that all license belong s to the one who created it. So a driver license belongs to the state that created the license. A social security number belongs to social security, it is the number they use to administrate the file. "No you're honor, I don't have a license except under duress. All license is owned by the creator of the license." 

Keep doing what you do normally, if it is questioned by any officer, then you have paperwork to prove your jurisdiction. Does this help? 

I use Federal Reserve notes 'under duress'. Because they stole our silver and gold.
I have any license 'under duress'.  
Permits are required by them, but in court only acquired “under Duress.” 

These Rats at Sea do not take any living man into their courts. They can't!

These rats take what is called the STRAWMAN into court.  The Strawman is another word for the registered name on the Birth-certificate. 

The Strawman is the Registered victim of fraud. The Strawman is a fiction. Forget the "Strawman," routine. It's a lost rabbit hole. The Strawman belongs to them, not us. The Strawman is registered. When you authenticate the birth Certificate, the Strawman comes home to you. You own the name. The STRAWMAN disappears. When you record your name by Deed onto the soil of your birth-state, and file the Certificate of Assumed name, the Strawman comes home to you. You then own the name. The straw-man is the registered name. You own the Recorded name. The Strawman belongs lost at sea. You are the living man on the Land. The Strawman is useless at this point in time when you record your deed to the soil. It's like complaining about spilt milk.
Everything you do, as a man, is with red ink, and from now on is an autograph.
They use signatures, we use autographs.

"Signature"  The word Sign is equal to the word Surname. A Surname is your Last name used as the debtor. So a Surname means, "The one who comes up from below." So to sign something means that you are mixing the soil and water and making a muddy mix. Which in turn means you are a monster, not living, but dead. I know this sounds wild, but we are dealing with some insane rats. They don't care what we think. This all happens in "trust law." The Birth-certificate is a trust. It is printed on bond paper. So we autograph. Never sign anything. 

Sign-a-ture.. To sign means you are using a symbolic language. This is deceptive. 

To autograph means you are using a descriptive text. This is grammar 101.

timothy alan is my Christian name,

Harmon is my Surname.

Timothy Alan Harmon is the debtor name on the Birth-certificate. They own this name.

So, I can separate the names by writing,

Timothy-Alan: of the house of Harmon, this is the creditor

timothy=alan, of the family harmon, UCC 1-308      creditor

Harmon: Timothy-Alan, at arms length               creditor

Timothy Alan: Harmon, all rights reserved         creditor

Timothy Alan

or Harmon

timothy alan harmon is the creditor on the soil.  (all small letters)

Understand that Harmon is my family name.

Timothy Alan is my Christian name.

The problem occurs when I mix them together. That mixes jurisdictions. They own the mixed name by registration of the Birth Certificate. 

"Sign not," autograph official paperwork like this;
By: Harmon; Timothy Alan, agent

and use your red seal if possible. (thumbprint)
What this means is I am the agent for the name. I am not the name. This is called a 'By-line'. It's like when a composer writes, "written by John Jacob Julius Jupiter Johnson."   It's a title more than a name.

You can also add any or all of these to your paperwork; 
at arms length, all rights reserved, UCC 1-308, non-assumpsit's , 

these words "At Arms Length" means I am at arms length from their jurisdiction. 

There are literally dozens of things a man can do because the fraud is so great against us. But we have developed the simplest way. I believe that.

If you invert your name like this, Harmon; Timothy Alan; it is not the same as Timothy Alan Harmon. Whatever they do, you do something different. Your address is always C/O, in care of like,

I made a new address for my property on my deed. They created one, so I created one as well.
Mine is;
100 Lincoln Street, Desire, Penna
C/O 1049 Hill Drive, Reynoldsville, Pa 15851

Desire is a village with no post office, (no Federal jurisdiction) but it is on the map.  Do you see how we must change every little thing that they claim. You can use your township and county if you have no village. 

And remember, never use their State of State abbreviations like Pa, Oh, Md, Ca. These are federal codes. and never use zip codes in your address. Use their address as "in care of" C/O when using their abbreviations and codes. 

You must File your paperwork! Normally you have three days to file after they make their complaint, citation or whatever. It could be a simple notice.

If you don't get the paperwork done in three days then add the words, "From the beginning."

'From the beginning' means what it says. My paperwork is valid from the first day. These are magic words. 

File a short notice (case/claim) the first day and file your real paperwork fifteen minutes before court starts with the Court Clerk the way Karl Lentz describes. 

And remember a man NEVER makes a counter-claim! Only complaints are counter-claimed at Sea. 

A man makes a "Claim." 

Also know this; When you are in court you must be competent. That makes sense. What they do not tell you is two thing. If you say that you don't understand, they must explain what is going on. Most of the time, they can not explain without showing the fraud.

​And number two is they must get you to agree with them. They want a conviction. Well a conviction means that you agree to the "Feeling" of being convicted. When you agree is a conviction. When you don't agree they will want to prove you are incompetent! Make sure to ask them what you are supposed to be competent about. "Are you required to know Chinese, or Russian, or do you have to know the Cannon Law or Ecclesiastical Law?"  Because every culture is different and competent in my culture is not competent in their culture. I don't speak "Dog-Latin or Legalese!" 

So if you don't understand, which is to stand under their authority; and you do not agree; with their languages or culture; they must let you go.

On your paperwork it is better to use the small letter i.  This is a man with a head. A large letter "I" is a dead man without a head.  Funny yes! So... 

i, timothy alan, a man, at american common Law, domiciled on the soil of... etc. 

​Also, they may not like it; but if you are happy with the paperwork you filed. Then stick to the paperwork. When they ask questions you can answer, "What does the paperwork say?" 

Then again as a man remember that the courts are open to a "man" twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  So you can always ask that the court be opened. It's nice to "be nice" but if push comes to shove, the courts are open 24/7 to a man. The magistrate has to be called and court must convene at midnight on Christmas if you require it. Your the man. They are servants. In the United states a man is sovereign like the Queen or King. So if the Queen wants "Her Court" convened at 2AM, by God the court will be open. Well, this is your court folks. But, I caution, "be gracious." 

​Another thing is if they don't know your name, they can not hold you after three days (72 hours).

But understand this again. This is a "Spiritual" battle. I'm not talking about religion. This is their church. They have dominion until a man shows up to say different. I'm saying that the courts are all about the higher authority. God gave man dominion. But a stupid man will fall to the oppressor every time. You never, as a man, you never PLEA. 

If you plea Not-Guilty, that makes you an enemy of the court. So these are military tribunals,  the Admiral or Captain of the ship, the judge can have his way with you.

If you Plea guilty, the you are "Convicted" by your own words.

​So what you do is challenge jurisdiction and file your own case. 

Now let me say, if you harmed or injured a man. You will be better to plea guilty and throw yourself on the mercy of the court.

​Finally, watch my videos.  There are many things that can be said. Make certain you understand, jurisdiction, Dog-Latin, and the other issues that I speak about on these videos. You now have a few tools to build with. Go over and over and over in your head a hundred times what you might say in a court. Get it down so there is no fear to speak when it's your turn to speak.   Have no fear!

These pages are still being updated, I suggest you return to see any changes.

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Please listen! If you need or desire to understand how and why courts work. You must watch Karl Lentz. The video on the left is very long. But, I have spent years learning what you can learn in hours. What have you got to lose?