These proofs are in chronological order from early to present;

2017 September 12th;

personal private paperwork; Deed of Re-conveyance,

Act of Expatriation, Certificate of Assumed name

May 2018 Pennsylvania Assembly Elects offices

<<< 2019 March - Allodial Title, sent to Treasury

Notice: All Jurors can receive an email package with file copies if you cannot download from this website.

 Claims Page

The paperwork sent around the globe in March of 2018 included most of the paperwork on this page above concerning private property, deeds, notices, etc. up until this time;

Copies included were;

1. Exhibit i: original paperwork creating "Articles of Law" the Church of Refuge July 2015 

2. Exhibit k: original deed, Warrant, and Land patent Deed Bk 719 Pgs 497-506

3, Exhibit e: Deed of Re-conveyance and the update Bk 783 pg 0711

4. Exhibit f:  Re-conveyance Deed Church of Refuge Bk 795 pg 0564 0565

5. Exhibit g: Act of Expatriation Bk 783 pg 0712

6,7. Exhibt h: Certificate of Assumed names and the update Bk 783 pg 0713, 0714

8. Exhibit d: copy authenticated BC

9 .Exhibit b:  Notice to Sheriff Gotwald

10. Exhibit a: Affidavit, notice of Status

11. Exhibit c: Manditory Notice, Foreign Sovereigns Immunity Act

12. Exhibit j: Newspaper ad December 2018

13. Exhibit l: Deed, Affidavit, and preacipe, redress of status bk 795 pg 0568 to 0578

14. Exhibit m: Constitution for Pennsylvania August 1776

15. Exhibit n:copy of the "Title of Nobility"

16. Exhibit o: copy of the "Fortieth Congress. SeSS. II. CH. 249. 250. 1868, expat act

17. Exhibit p: Penna Title 13, Chap 12, General definitions and principles of interpretation

18. Exhibit q: Banner: Field Manual 27-10/1956 Section 4, 45 & 46

19. Exhibit r: Ex Parte Milligan 71 US (4 Wall.) 2 1866

20. Exhibit s: Commercial lien/ bond - Pennsylvania: against the American BAR

<<< May 1st  2019  - "Test Our Resolves"

2017 December

       Newspaper ads ran for four weeks requiring anybody

with a claim  against my Claim must come forward;

    there was no response.

Living Land & Soil trade record  >>>>>>

January 2018;​

​All this recorded paperwork was included in the package

​that was sent out in March of 2018. This paperwork went around the world.

<<< 2019 May 13th: Administrative Process

                 June 15th, June 28th

From the beginning July 14th 2015 the unincorporated Church of Refuge,

The third week of August i, timothy alan of the family harmon became landlord for the land, improvement, and properties at this location. Within this paperwork i brought forward the Land Warrant and Land Patent

© 100 Lincoln Street, Desire, Henderson Township, unincorporated, Pennsylvania

By Mid-February of 2016 i sent my first notice to Kim Powell, C/O the Jefferson County Courthouse.  I do not have a copy of that paperwork.

I have copies of the next correspondences.

2018 November - sent out 2 notices:

"Living Testimony in the form of an affidavit"

2018 December sent 2 Default notices;

2019 January; sent out 3 Oath of Offices