How to deal with child protective services in Pennsylvania


          Child Protective Services are no different than dealing with any Federal corporation. These are corporations.
          If you are a man or woman born on the soil of a State; and if you are not Black or Negro; and if you are not a naturalized citizen, then continue reading. You are sovereign. What does this mean?
          Being sovereign is the most important concept you can understand. You must understand why you are sovereign so you can understand the opposite of being sovereign.
          First let me explain that a black man or woman or a naturalized man or woman has civil rights; having civil rights means that you are under the jurisdiction of the Federal government. So you are required to do what the Federal government tells you to do. You are considered a Federal employee.
          If you are sovereign you are different. A federal employee is domiciled in the District of Columbia which is a political jurisdiction of the Sea. The District of Columbia is a Municipal Corporation and all federal employees are stuck under the fourteenth amendment as a US citizen.
          A sovereign man or woman is domiciled in the State of their birth outside of the Federal jurisdiction.
          A living man is domiciled on the soil and is at the political jurisdiction of the Land. Any Federal employee is at the jurisdiction of the Sea and they are considered “Lost at Sea,” or dead. Everything at the jurisdiction of the sea is considered dead or man-made. “I am domiciled on the soil of Pennsylvania at the jurisdiction of the Land.”

          The living man created government which is fiction. Fiction is dead so everything Federal is fiction or considered dead because it is man-made. If I build a chair, the chair is man-made and it is dead. The chair does not tell me what to do. I am the creator because I am alive. We created government and we tell government what we desire them to do. Government serves the living and does not tell the living what to do. A Rock can not speak. The chair I build can not speak so the government can not speak. They have no voice. Without the living people, government is nothing! They are man-made fiction and dead. The government is incorporated and therefore man-made.

          Going further the UNITED STATES is operated by a foreign country, both French and British. So the Child Protective Services is a foreign corporation operating on our sovereign soil. This means they are not sovereign and they can not require you to do anything without your consent.

          In court we use a Habeas Corpus. The living sovereign man calls forth the dead man. Without a body, or without a corpse, the government can not tell you that you are dead. The dead only do business with the dead. In-Corporation can Lawfully only do business with other corporations. So when dealing with the Child Protective Services you must use a Habeas Corpus. Habeas Corpus basically means “bring forth the body.”

Fact one is that they don’t have a dead body, they have your private property.

                                       Okay, now part two of this charade is their use of words.

          Remember when you deal with these rats you never use their language. A Habeas Corpus is used at American Common Law. So you will force the rats into a corner. To do this you must be smart enough to understand, “You NEVER go into their court!” You bring them, you will be pulling them into a Common Law court with your words and tying their hands at the same time. You can not give them ANY wiggle-room.

           Fact two, Next, never use their language. Never use the words that they call their-own. At American Common Law your Children are your Private Property. They are your offspring. You can NEVER call them “Children” in court. You can never use these words in court; Child, Children, US citizen, taxpayer, individual, person, resident, and there are others. When it comes to “Child Protective Services” never use the words “Child” or “Children;” because all the words written above mean Federal employee. These words belong to them. They use a different dictionary than you use. They wrote their own dictionary.

          You write up a Habeas Corpus and threaten them. You’re going to file this into court.

        I am a living man/woman at American Common Law. I am claiming the writ of Habeas Corpus to institute and maintain actions of any kind in the courts of “this” state, Pennsylvania, while maintaining true domicile on the land of these United States, This Habeas Corpus is that you are now required to return my Private Property. “You are demanded to produce Exhibit A, Johnny Ray, age 13; Exhibit B, Suzie Jean, age 10; Exhibit C, Mary Anne, age 6, immediately for return to i their rightful owner, holder in due course, and priority creditor. For each day here after you are being charged $1000.00 dollars a day for the use of each exhibit until they are returned.

You send this to the judge in charge and watch them squirm. Short, to the point, which is sweet is the way to write, the less words you use is all the better. Hit on the important points and nothing more is required.

          If you need more information, I suggest you find Karl Lentz somewhere in Virginia.

       I would never hire an attorney. All attorneys work for the Court, the judge. You can not win. You MUST do this on your own two feet as a sovereign. You are not a US citizen, Resident, taxpayer, federal employee or any other name. You are a Man/woman. That is it, a man!

          Remember, these vermin assume that you are a federal employee. When you bring suit as a living man against them, they can not stand for very long.

          The best way to kill a snake is to cut off its head. What you are doing is destroying any claim they have made. You are proving as a living man on the Land that you have jurisdiction.

          This does not need to be complicated. Expect that they will desire to change your words. Do not bow to their demands. Hold your ground and they will bow. You have the right to sue these people if the do not capitulate to your terms.

          This is the battle of a lifetime for most people. So prepare your self emotionally for the battle. Do not be nervous, be peaceful and FIRM! Do not give them any reason to arrest you. They have your babies and they get paid for them; they don’t want to give up that free money.

          It does not matter what their reasons or excuses are except physical Child Abuse. That is my opinion. But actually no reason they give will be good enough because you are the owner of the property. 

​           I am a counsel, not an attorney that gives legal advice. This is the proper way to deal with the corporate government in court. Establish your claim on the soil, at the land jurisdiction and bring your claim at American Common Law.