Notice of Status, Standing, Agency, and precept;


To: Brigadier General David K. MacEwen
Adjutant General of the Army
Executive Director Postal Service Agency
US ARMY Human Resources Command
1600 Spearhead Division Avenue
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40122

From: Timothy Alan Harmon; Please make correspondence to the above address,

“I believe that all herein is true fact to the best of my knowledge so help me God,”

Honorable Sir,

I believe you are a man in charge, responsible, and capable of helping we, I by bringing justice for the criminal acts that have been perpetrated against we, I;

Let it be known that I, we, timothy alan harmon, a man, I am not now and never have been in the military service. I have never been a federal employee, but if any claim was made of my being a federal employee, I am now  retired from any obligation of United States citizenship of any kind. I am not a US citizen. I am a Civilian domiciled on the soil of my birth. I fly the civil flag of the United States of America as shown herein, top left. I am a Pennsylvanian. I, subrogee, priority creditor, am re-venued, and have by deed, and habeas corpus, re-conveyed my trade names, trademarks to the soil. We, I have been inappropriately and deliberately mis-characterized under color of Law which is a crime; Enclosed you will find the paperwork/documents to verify my status. I am alive.

I am not an enemy combatant, I am not at war.  I am not a federal, FEDERAL, employee or taxpayer.  I am not a statutory resident or person, Person, PERSON; nor resident of any State of State; I, in fact, have not abandoned my heredities, birthrights, or assets.

I and my church, the “Church of Refuge” is at peace with mankind. I post the black and white civil banner of a civilian on my private property. Field Manual 27-10/1956 Section 4, 45 and 46, (exhibit included);

The original jurisdiction Constitutional Federal corporation was out of business in 1862. A constitutional convention should have been called for at that time by Lincoln. Instead Lincoln fell prey to the banksters. The Lieber code and Marshal law declared by the civilian, former President, Abraham Lincoln during the commercial mercenary action called ‘the undeclared, ‘American Civil War,” (the war between the States) are not Constitutional functions of Lincoln or the Grand Army of the Republic, or U.S. Military; We the People of Pennsylvania are not at war with any entity, except those mentioned here-in by their aggressions against we; Therefore the U.S. Army of this-day does not have any authority over civilians, but is responsible for protecting the original constitution and “We the People” agreeing with the Declaration of Independence (1776).

I must according to obligation and Law report crime by enemy combatants, villains, terrorists, and private corporate fiduciaries, public and private unincorporated, and commercial mercenaries.   Field Manual 27-5 (1943) .....paragraph 12C regarding "supervision of the BAR" on page 16. This is repeated in the 1947 edition, paragraph 12 c, page 20. This field manual states that all BAR members in Pennsylvania are under the supervision or authority of the U.S. military. All acts, actions, or tax by the British Accreditation Registry, agents, officers, corporate offices are crime against I, “We the People of Pennsylvania,” by their terrorist threats, by international terrorists, or fees in and of taxes, fines, and incarcerations, etc. by they NON-citizens according to the Titles of Nobility Amendment of 1810; These are local, national, and international crimes against Pennsylvanians, and must be prosecuted by you from the beginning; Prosecution must be military because there is no present Justice system because no officers or agent take an oath to agree with the Constitution for the united States of America since 1991. Any action without Justice is an act of terrorism, treason and war against “We the People.”

We the People of Pennsylvania, I, have been attacked and terrorized by the following Villains, terrorists, and private corporate fiduciaries, mercenaries include; The British Accreditation Registry, (BAR) all members and agents and affiliates, the U. S. Military under Marshal Law, United Nations, and Pope Francis by allowing these crimes has committed these crimes, be aware that the Law of the Republic, and Titles of Nobility Amendment of 1810, ratified in 1819, is still in perfect standing, foreign and domestic, let all agents of the courts, corporations, governments, GOVERNMENTS, being at air and Sea jurisdiction, including all elected corporate officials, appointed officials, police officers, FBI, ATF, DARPA, DHS, NSA, DOJ, EPA, FDA, BLM, BATF, “Homeland Security”, FEMA, CIA, DIA, IRS, the “Department of the Treasury,” the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, predatory vermin, FCC, the corporate Congress of the United States of America, and the Congress of the State of Pennsylvania, Governors, Heads of State, (the local agents and officers of Henderson Township, and or Jefferson County, Pennsylvania State),  and the State of Pennsylvania, STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, all judges and magistrates, and all other officer or agent, AGENT, IMF, U.S. Corp in all derivatives, in commerce, HRM Queen Elizabeth II, the Federal Reserve, I.R.S., Internal Revenue Service, and all banking agents and owners, all subordinates, and all derivatives there of, the U.S. Military(includes UN protocols in FM 3-39-40), and unincorporated personal, Utility companies, the AMA, be you informed, these have declared war upon us, that you and they are allowing and or committing these crimes against I and the People of Pennsylvania State, crimes being as follows;

Personage, (CRIMINAL CODE 1899 – SECT 514) and,
Barratry, (West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.), Theft by deception, malicious tort fraud, identity theft, enslavement, kidnapping, unlawful conversion, false claims in commerce, racketeering, fraud, interfering with due process, stealing rights to private property, acts of international terrorism, terrorist threats, war crimes, intimidation to contract, Press-ganging, trespass, all interfering with our private property, and any of many other crimes.

There are no statutes of limitations in Common Law; there are not Statutes. All of these crimes are up-to-date and valid factual claims.

These stand true, the Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776, the Constitution of Pennsylvania August 16th, 1776, Constitution for the united States of America 1787 ratified 1789; I, we wish, require, and demand your protection from and prosecution of all crimes by these villains, terrorists, and fiduciaries as provided from the beginning; and more included herein, because they named herein are “interfering with my Private Property.” Any use of my private trade names, trademarks for the purpose of third party profit is theft and fraud and is prohibited, and is crime. I, we, have no contracts with the above corporate devils, agents, or fiduciaries that have not been created except under duress, threat of fines and or incarceration, or deceit, under color of Law. These are war crimes; We have been terrorized and attacked by Genetically Modified Foods in the marketplace, authorized by the terrorists at the FDA; not authorized by “We the People, I, of Pennsylvania; we are terrorized and attacked by air traffic spewing toxic chemicals, (Chem Trails) into the air over non-combatant civilian people, and not authorized by “We the People;” We are terrorized by international Bankers who have stolen our credit under color of Law for 3rd party profits which I, We the people, did not authorize; We did not authorize the creation of the “Federal Reserve System” of debt which is fraud and treason against “We the People”  and against our American Silver dollar. These same criminal banksters, agents, and officials create debits out of thin air that have no value and place the debt on innocent civilians without value. We were under threat by these war criminals when we gave up our gold in 1933. We are being attacked and terrorized by weapons of mass destruction, false flag attacks, and or weather modification weapon assaults used on the soil of the United States of America and Pennsylvania State against civilians. These are War crimes against “We the People of Pennsylvania.” We are being terrorized by Electro Magnetic frequencies and modulations harming the environment and we the people. Our normal frequencies have been high-jacked by criminal acts of the FCC. We are being terrorized by the acquisition of our personal private information being used by third parties without due process of article one section ten contract of the Constitution.  We are fleeced and attacked by Utility sub-contractors of these criminal government contractors creating “statements;” which is forced labor to pay this tax which is fraud.  We are under attack by the United Nations “Global Warming” action; No global warming action can be substantiated scientifically because the opposite is occurring; the planet is set now to go into another Ice Age which is now proven scientifically by the cooling of our Sun; we are under attack my the military through the American Medical association and the non-acceptance of traditional holistic programs which the U.S. Military is in charge of by enforcing all Doctors to be licensed and under military controls, Thousands of “We the People” die each day because of the non-constitutional medical military protocols. The U.S. Military nor the government are not ever given authority by “We the People” original jurisdiction to create medical protocols or licenses, of or insurance companies, which is a crime and ponzi scheme, let’s not forget to mention the uniformed officers in hospitals creating bogus trust accounts for infants, that you plunder, and you pretend the infants are ‘lost at sea,’ It’s all horse manure; Subordinate organizations of the bankrupt de-Facto UNITED STATES, Inc, and the territorial United States of America (incorporated), in bankruptcy, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Trade Commission, ATF, BLM, and all other sub-contractors are non-constitutional criminal extorters and terrorists of public and private trusts and funds; the Attorney General’s of Pennsylvania and the United States of America government corporations are part and partial in the American British Accreditation Registry and therefore committing treasonous acts according to the original jurisdiction, Titles of nobility amendment (1810), and therefore I, we can not trust their actions;  We, I need to know that you, the original jurisdiction US Military, and the original jurisdiction (1787) Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and Pope Francis will back up my “Claim” herein as a man on the soil and Land of my birth from the beginning. We stand defenseless against such villainous forces without military support and judicial support. “You are given authority now,” in this affidavit, in fact, to move against these domestic and foreign thugs, robbers, thieves, corporations, agents, and individuals named herein, bring them to Military and Civil Justice, through the use of police powers found already in place, here in Pennsylvania, the United States Post Office original jurisdiction, Federal Marshals, and county Sheriff’s on the soil, the original jurisdiction United States Coast Guard, and as required United States Army of the Republic / Marines acting on the Land, those as required, (when required as a force used in retrieval, arrest, and incarceration), the U.S. Navy, and the National Guard.”  

Let it be known; We, I am one of the "free sovereign and independent people of the “United States of America," original jurisdiction, the States of America, a man, American National, of Pennsylvania according to Article 4, section 2, and I am guaranteed loyalty and action by the United States Military and by those who are in public office, foreign or domestic, Good Faith, and Service by the Treaty of Peace, 1783, The Constitution for the united States of America 1787 ratified 1789 Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2, the Expatriation Act of 1868, the Lieber Code, the Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949 - Laws of War Volume II, Article 3, the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Universal Right of Self-Declaration. Let it be known that the land jurisdiction, “We the People,” I am, includes all actual material associated with the land— soil, plants, minerals, people, buildings, animals, assets, things, private properties — all land assets and we, I, a man, on the land have plenary jurisdiction on the land of the “Nation” States, including the several States, Pennsylvania State, and jurisdiction extends to including the “Church of Refuge” and all private properties there-of including allodial Title, Landlord, and Land Patent at Book 719 PG 0497-0506, public County Courthouse Records, Brookville, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.

King Charles II to William Penn, “Charter for the Province of Pennsylvania-1681”
 (find at, Yale Law school, online)

We, I, timothy alan; house of harmon, a civilian, non-combatant, National, of Pennsylvania State, require an answer and action on the following also; Since there must exist an equal credit for every debit, and since I, we, is the Paramount Security Interest Holder, priority creditor, and subrogee, in due course, of our, my trade names, trademarks, trusts, and private properties, where is our, my credit? I require the certification in subrogation and the bond pay all debts and the credit be placed into the account registration number already given to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in my name original jurisdiction on the soil of Pennsylvania. You are in charge of restoring to me, us what belongs to me, us. I am requiring that you divulge to me, if any more action on my part or your part is required, the complete process required to restore my estate, private properties, my inheritance to me within thirty days of the day this letter is received. Pamphlet 27-161-1 from the War Department/Department of the Army says in your own words that you are responsible. It is your sworn duty to protect me and uphold this requirement. The freedom of information act is now engaged. The “Law of Peace” is now engaged by you for me. My estate and those people in Pennsylvania on the soil must be settled proper by you as soon as possible. And remember without a land jurisdiction there is no sea jurisdiction. The Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) is responsible for the safety and security of our private properties, money (currencies), gold and silver reserves, and our country.

Please find my claims, verified facts, in Law, in exhibits, on following next pages;


We witness that the man, Timothy Alan Harmon, is of sound mind and his mark on this notice is verified by our witness on,

 this day__________ this month_______________________ this year __________.


____________________________                                    __________________________
                   witness                                                                              Timothy Alan Harmon - subrogee


Notary witness; _________________________________                Today is;_______________________

Notary expires;