A letter to my nephew 

Church of Refuge
timothy alan harmon, a man
Living Beneficiary of the Estate Trust
general post office judicial district

Notice is under the judicial district, general post office and flag of peace
I am at Peace with the Crown, the Pope and all Dominions
No flag of war shall be allowed to affect upon My Divinie
If you love, love deeply!
        This letter may come as a surprise to you. I don’t mind if you don’t. This letter is of grave importance and is between you and I. I mean no disrespect to the ladies, but this is an actual man to man talk. Man to man because only a Father and not a mother can do what I am about to tell you about.

          What you see above is just a standard header for my official contracts. One of several that I have but together. Usually I add ‘Church of Refuge’ to everything. I like using my Church of Refuge because nobody can mess with the church lawfully. Above is the Civil Flag or the peace time flag of the usa. And my family Crest. These are important because today if you do not declare you are at peace, they make me out to be a terrorist. The world is really inside out right now.

        It is of the utmost importance that you consider every word I am about to say, because your daughters lives depend upon my words.

        I have spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars researching what I am writing to you about. I have already put you in my will. That should not be any surprise because I personally think that you are the only blood born relative I have who possesses a brain, and a big heart. Ha! Just my opinion, you know. You are not on the top of the list at the moment, but on the list after my siblings. But, you could be first if I chose to change it. It might not seem like much, but there is more at stake than most people can fathom, more on that later.

        There is a web-site that is of most interest to me. It is called ‘Annavonreitz.com’. I mention this because it would give you all the foundation that you need to understand why I am writing. The concern is that she has over 900 documents that you can and should read. I have only read half of them myself. Like I said, I have spent hundreds of hours realizing the importance of this letter for several years. I have read through and listened to countless numbers of other people’s thoughts. Yet in the end, only I can do the work required.

        So let me get to the meat and potatoes.

        I do not know what you understand about the history of our great nation. It would take a hundred pages to explain what you need to hear. So I will assume that you are in the dark and that you know nothing about what I am about to say.

        It will make my work a bit easier by using other people’s words when I can but you will not know the difference after I have written them for you because when I write them, they are mine and will become yours as well.

        There are three jurisdictions on this planet of ours. The three jurisdictions are the Air, the Sea, and the Land. This is the most important thought that you will read. Three jurisdictions rule this planet!

        When a child is born, the mother signs a birth certificate, BC. This is a Scam created by corrupt men to entangle free men like you and your family into a fraud that makes you a slave to the jurisdiction of the sea.
        The three jurisdictions are operated by;
The Air is the Pope and the Vatican;
The Sea is the British Crown;
The Land is the Postmaster General of the United States of America; (which was vacant but the authority still stands forever)

The air jurisdiction is Spiritual and is the highest Trust; the word trust is Latin and means ‘deceitful’;

The Sea jurisdiction or trust is commercial. It is all commerce everywhere on the planet except in a sovereign country or a sovereign people. Iraq, Libya, Iran, and North Korea were or are sovereign; thus the fight with them.

The Land jurisdiction is what it says; All land born people MUST be recorded as being alive on the Land where they were born.

        A man on the land never does business in commerce!

        A man on the Land only does business at Trade; Trade can do business with commerce but commerce can not provoke business except with other commerce. If you have a business, never make it a corporate entity or it is owned by the corporation that chartered it. The sea jurisdiction.

         I am trying to stay on point. It is difficult because of the volume that needs presented.

        Your girls are presently under the jurisdiction of the Sea because the mother gave them up to the Sea jurisdiction with the Birth Certificate. You as the Father must RECORD their births at the County Courthouse where they were born, back to the Land jurisdiction. Only the Father has more pull than the mother concerning Off-Spring, your daughters. The father is responsible for the sons and daughters above the woman. This is why the criminals behind the BC used the woman, because they couldn’t use the man or the man can change his mind.

        When you do this, Record theirs births, the State will have no more claim upon them and the State will never tell you what to do. The mother has signed all the paper’s up till now and that is why the courts always are on the mother’s side. I’m not saying this because of the women. I’m saying this because as long as your daughters are at Sea, under the mother and the BC, they are not on the Land, and therefore they can be taken from you, also they will forever be forced to pay taxes as slaves do. Only PERSONS on the Sea pay taxes. Only federal employees who are registered pay taxes. The BC is domiciled in the District of Columbia, at sea.

        Paul Volker, the chairman of the Internal Rev. Service has said, “Taxes are voluntary”! This is true. You pay tax when you are in their jurisdiction. You go to Jail because you are not at Common Law as you should be, but you are a Vessel at Sea in their jurisdiction.

        What is common Law. It is the Law of the people. It is the Law of God which is all about the Constitution. It is the Law that created the Constitution. On top of the hill is God. God creates man in his image and likeness. This means, we are at God’s Law which is American Common Law. We the People create the Constitution and the Constitution creates government.  We are on the top. Every man is higher than any public official including judges.

        When you go into THEIR courts; These are CORPORATE courts. Not courts of justice but administrative courts of equity, They are in charge because you are on the SEA in their jurisdiction because of your mother signing the birth certificate and they registered it at the courthouse. The father never recorded his deed conveying his daughter to the Land. You must record a Deed of Re-venue and a Re-conveyance to the Land. The soil where I was born! They register a NAME as only a corporation can do. WE RECORD a deed as only a man can do.

        In court a man SPEAKS because HE is three dimensional, but all they do is done on paper because they are two dimensional only at Sea.

        So in court I stand and say;

        Judge says: “Who are you?”

        I answer; “I am a man on the land; At American Common Law, The beneficiary and creditor of my trust; My Christian name is Timothy Alan, and my family name is Harmon.”

        (This tells who I am. I am a man. I am on the land. I am creating status, standing and agency. My status is I am a man on the land. My standing is that I am Timothy Alan of the family Harmon. I am Creditor (not the Debtor) (the debtor is the BC)) Status gives me a right to address the court. Standing says I am the man who is supposed to address the court. “At American Common Law,” says which court I am in. It is my court, not theirs. I “invoke’ the Law of the Republic. I can say, “I am at American Common Law under the five organic Laws of the Republic.”  The Republic is not the United States. The Republic is in fact the Nation State of Pennsylvania or Tennessee State! There is no Republic such as the United States. There are fifty republics that are each a Nation State. The Corporation that the fifty united States hired to create international commerce for us is called “The United States of America.” It is a corporation that is now out of control under the jurisdiction of the Sea. So all courts, that they have are at Sea, under the British Crown. 

        The British Accreditation Registry is called the BAR association. At torn means agency or attorney is the agent for the Crown. They are now committing fraud in the courts because we never gave them permission to use our names. I’ll bet you didn’t know that all these courts are being operated by the British Crown. I’ll bet you didn’t know that there are two Crowns in England. The first is the Queen, Elizabeth II, Mary Alexandra Windsor, and the second is the sovereign ‘City of London,’ which is the Lords of London of Westminster. These are the insurance fraud people. They rule the BAR and they rule the courts. These are all the jurisdiction of the Sea.

Summary:  Yick Wo vs. Hopkins; 118 U.S. 356; 6 S.Ct. 1064 (1886)  May 10, 1886; after 1871;
“Sovereignty itself, of course, is not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law….”
cont; “While sovereign powers are delegated to… the government, sovereignty itself remains with the people..”

"The People of a State are entitled to all rights which formerly belonged to the King by his prerogative." Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wendell 9, 20 (1829) We have all the sovereign rights of King George.

NOTE: Am.Dec.=American Decision, Wend. = Wendell (N.Y.)
"...at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects...with none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty." CHISHOLM v. GEORGIA (US) 2 Dall 419, 454, 1 L Ed 440, 455 @DALL 1793 pp471-472

“The individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen. He is entitled to carry on his business in his own way [unregulated by the government]. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the state or to his neighbor to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to criminate him. He owes no such duty to the state, since he receives nothing there from, beyond the protection of his life and property. His rights are such as existed by law of the land antecedent (before) to the organization of the state, and can only be taken from him by due process of law, and in accordance with the constitution. Among his rights are a refusal to incriminate himself, and the immunity of himself and his property from arrest or seizure except under a warrant of the law. He owes nothing to the public [including so-called “taxes”] so long as he does not trespass upon their rights.”
[Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43, 74 (1906)
        We are born Sovereign. We are not “sovereign Citizens.” A man can not be sovereign and a US citizen. You are one or the other, never both. I AM NOT a US citizen. A US citizen is a pawn on there checker board at SEA. They rule the sea by creating Citizens. The fourteenth amendment is not your friend. It is for citizens of their domain. It’s their constitution, not mine. I am above that contract. I am an American citizen. I guess I need to explain that there are three federal Constitutions.

        The original constitution was written in 1787.

It is called;
“The Constitution for the united States of America.”
        Notice the words, “for” the “united”.      The original Constitution says “for the united”. The small letter in united is because we united the sovereign nation States. And this Constitution is for us.

        The second Constitution was the workings of a man called George Washington, the first president under the new Constitution. 

        He created another new Constitution. A constitution is a debtors agreement or a contract. He created a contract which is a constitution called, “The Constitution of the United States of America.”

        This contract was made between the British Crown and the several States and their people. The British owned the jurisdiction of the Sea. We own the jurisdiction on the land. So it made sense to make a contract with them to harbor and protect our interests at Sea; literally at sea because there were many pirates out there. And the British Crown, remember the Lords of London are insurance brokers, operate the Sea jurisdiction through what? Registries! Remember that. The Crown registers all vessels! Children are registered vessels at sea. There are 19 agreements in this constitution that the Crown must adhere to, but they didn’t. They broke the pack in 1824.

        So, George Washington done okay; At least until the war of 1812 came along. But that is another story. That is when the British imposed there Bank upon us. We are taught that we won the war, but the winner always writes history in their favor. We ended up with their banksters back in our country.

        You know, Columbus discovered the New World, right after he slaughtered 2 million Indians. Nice people these lying aristocrats. What a great guy?

        So, in 1862 we have the worst President ever. People are told a different story about Lincoln. He was no hero. He wanted to be a hero, but he was killed before he could do the good that he needed to accomplish. Instead he created the non-sense that we have today.

        When the Congress of the United States left in 1861 without setting a date to come back together because the South would not show up in session, there was no time set for them to get back together again. Therefore;

        President Lincoln then created a corporation with the board members being called congress and gave control under Marshall Law to the Army. That is why Trump has so many Army advisors in the White House right now, Because the municipal corporation is under the control of the Army every since 1862. Bet you didn’t know that. It’s because the corporation is in bankruptcy. The army is in charge right now. Bet you didn’t know that either. The army came in when Trump placed the territorial corporation onto chapter 11 bankruptcy after May 1, 2017.

        Needless to say, moving on, 1868 the corporation that Lincoln created to take the place of the sovereign continental congress, created a third Constitution. It is called, “The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.” Notice it does not say, ‘of America,’ and it is all capital letters. Any time you see all capital letters it is because it is the Sea jurisdiction. In this case it is the municipal corporation called, “The UNITED STATES of AMERICA.”

        Your drivers license, Social Security card, all in capital letters because they claim you are at Sea, buddy! You are not a sovereign man born on the Land of your State where you were conceived. No, you belong to them because your mother signed the dotted line and your dad never went to the courthouse to file his claim. And now your daughters and you belong to them until you do something about it.

        I will help with that, later.

        Why am I doing this? Because I have reconciled myself back to the land, the soil of Pennsylvania. I have taken my names and re-conveyed them back to the soil of Pennsylvania. No more income taxes; no more property taxes; no more gas taxes; no more voting for a private Corporate President that was started in 1871. In 1871 these shysters created a new corporation called, The United States of America and then they created The UNITED STATES of AMERICA. People think this is our true government. It’s not. It’s a bogus corporation for profit to those that own the banks. The banksters control the so called “Government.”

        The United Nations, works the IMF (international monetary fund), and they work the Federal Reserve system…etc. These are all corporations.

        I would like somebody who is sovereign to own my inheritance Bobby. Otherwise, it will go back to the banksters after hundreds of hours of figuring this stuff out and doing the work. It’s been years of learning and praying about what sovereignty really is until, finally it sinks in. That is the reason for this letter. Sovereignty!       

        There are three jurisdictions on the planet. I belong to the land, but nobody ever told my parents that they needed to RECORD my birth at the county courthouse. No, the only thing that happened was that the birth certificate was REGISTERED at the courthouse which gives the criminals total jurisdiction over my NAME.

        When you are taken to court; they take the Birth Certificate into court at trust law. Read this;


Summary: Penhallow vs. Doanes Administrators, 3 US 54; 1L.Ed. 57, 3 Dall. 54. (1795):
Governments are corporations; Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only [an idea], a government can only interface with other artificial persons.  The imaginary – having neither actuality or Substance – is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible.  The legal manifestation of that is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate artificial persons and the contracts between them.

In short, there is no ‘parity’ or ‘equality’ between a tangible ‘real’ Living Man of Substance and the idea or imaginative construction of a created form of government that has been cause to arise as an aritificial person, abstraction of a “fiction”.   As such, there is no government that can concern itself directly with ‘in’ the affairs of the Living Man, as the Living [tangible] Man [of Substance] is superior in every regard and cannot be subordinated by the abstraction that is a mere idea operating in the form of “government”.  

        Okay! The government is a fiction. And no fiction can do business with a living, breathing man. So the government created another fiction in my name. They created the birth certificate.They called it by my name; they called it by several names which are;

TIMOTHY ALAN HARMON, AND OR, TIMOTHY A. HARMON, and or Timothy Alan Harmon, and or Timothy A. Harmon, or Tim A. Harmon (utilities) and a few others. These are ‘corporations’ created by fraud upon my copyrighted name. The municipal corporation uses all capital letters. The territorial corporation does not. This is all fraud because I did not give them permission to use my name after the age of 21. But most people were never taught about the fraud and the Schools are all infiltrated with their Teachers, not ours so how could we know. The teachers are taught in their schools of higher learning as well!


Every PERSON is a corporation. So, TIMOTHY A. HARMON is a corporation that they take into court and we are made to believe that it is me. But, it’s not me and it never was me. It’s all fraud.

         I never use a signature. I autograph. Harmon, Timothy Alan

        So lets look at their manipulations, shall we? There are way too many to tell.

        Children! This is THEIR word, not ours. You will never get your children back because the word “children” refers to something that is dead. It is their word so it is a fiction. It is dead because they are a dead fiction that created another dead fiction. “Children” is a dead word. It belongs to them.

        You have off-spring. Or you have a daughter! Get it?
        To use the word “Lie or lier,” in court means you agree with them. How about that!

        Their words are ‘individual’,or INDIVIDUAL human, person, PERSON, children, and so on.. One must be careful not to agree with them. As soon as they get you to agree, it’s over, they will run their interest right down your throat. I have many great examples, but not for now.

        When in court; NEVER agree with them about anything. If there is no agreement and no signature, they have no grounds. Let’s look at this.
        If the judge says; “Do you understand?”
        That means, “Do you stand under my authority?”

        Same question said two different ways. The answer is always, “NO!”
         Judge says; “Are you a US citizen?” “Do you have a social security number?” “Do you have a drivers license?”

        The answer is no to all of these. The STATE owns all licenses, not me! I do not own any license and I can not own a license. Only agents, or federal employees have licenses. In Fact, under Murdock vs. Pennsylvania 262 U.S. 105 states “that at no time while I am walking in my liberties can I be forced to purchase a license with a fee.” Under Shipero vs. Thompson we have the right to “travel freely unencumbered by statute, rules, or regulations” which means, their law, ordinances, or codes. So, Drivers license is not constitutional. So, it is actually impossible for me to have a license under the Constitution. So that means I am not under the Constitution at sea, while holding their agreement, a license, which is why when you go into court, the Constitution does not matter, if you are in their jurisdiction at sea. You made a contract with them in their eyes.

        Now that contract was made under DURESS! Yes this was because they threatened to put you in jail and or fine you for not having it. And they were correct until you woke up one day, maybe today. So nothing will hold up in court if a man is caused under duress to comply. “No sir Judge, That was under the duress and threat of going to jail if I did not comply!”

        So don’t argue with them along the highway. When you sign anything for them, write;
By: Harmon, Timothy Alan, authorized representitive. At Arms length; All Rights Reserved, without recourse; UCC 1-308.

That covers all the bases pretty well.

        BY: = By collon - this means the following applies,
        Harmon, Timothy Alan = a spelling they don’t recognize
        , authorized representitive = comma, you are the agent in charge of this name. so you can also write  , agent  which is the same thing as authorized representitive
        At Arms Length = I am not of your jurisdiction
        All Rights reserved = I am on the land under the Constitution; because they do not acknowledge the Constitution at Sea so you tell them
        Without recourse = You can not change my words
        UCC 1-308 = this is the Uniform Commercial Code, International numbering system used across the globe and 1-308 means, “At Arms Length” in their corporate language.
Let’s try this again; I get a speeding ticket; It’s not my ticket, it belongs to the fake trust, Strawman account, called birth certificate, BC. This guy has a gun, so I will be nice, yes! So I sign on the line;

By: Harmon, Timothy Alan, agent, All rights reserved, without recourse

Now what? I ask where the ticket will be tomorrow? I go there and I give the man a Bill for wasting my time! Yea, that’s right. You always give the court a bill. When you are on the Land, you give them the bill for time and labor.
        I hope this is clear enough for you. If you don’t help your Daughters now, they will remain slaves to these criminals. You set yourself and family free so easily. There are a thousand pages to write. But they have already been written by Anna Maria Reiztinger and others.

        Please believe me this is so impoertant. WHY?
        Sorry but I must continue a little more.

        The municipal UNITED STATES was recreated again by FDR in 1933. Social Security was a way for the corporation to steal money and pay their creditors. There creditors are not my creditors. This is a CORPORATION. They confiscated Gold unlawfully! It belongs to me!

        If McDonald’s went backrupt, would their patrons pay for it? No, of course not, but that is what this corporation is doing. They want you to believe that 20 trillion dollars is owed by you. It’s not, if you do as I am writing now.

        The UNITED STATES is in chapter 7 backruptcy, under Barack Obama 2015. The Territorial United Staes is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Donald Trump May 2017. This means that the Banksters are looking for who they can take the money from. That would be you. Do not let any great amounts of money in the banks. They are going to try to take it.

        The big corporation, Territorial “The United States”, created another corporation called, municipal, “UNITED STATES,” this corporation creates little corporations called, The Federal Reserve, SEARS, JC PENNEY, McDONALDS, WENDYS, AT&T, VERIZON, all utility companies and they charter all the Banks. This means they are all Going Down! You are a corporation on the Sea because you did not RECORD your re-venue to the land! BOBBY ALAN MINES II. Get it! They want your house and your car and your CHILDREN as collateral at Sea.

        The Ship is sinking. They are coming soon. I’ll tell you why.

        THEIR Ship is sinking. Think about it this way. In a court room you have a judge which is the Captain of the Ship. You have other officers as well. You have court DOCK-uments, VESSELS at sea, every word they use is important to that Sea jurisdiction. They wear the black rope of the satanic cult corporation. They don’t wear purple! They could for spiritual royalty, they don’t! They don’t wear blue, no they wear black. These are satans minions. They are Babylon the Great and they always have been. This is the old Roman Empire still working. The Romans created corporations. And the Vatican kept it all going for two thousand years.

        In 1933 Franklin Delano Resevelt declared “The United States of America,” bankrupt. He created a new corporation called, (Look at the letter T) “the United States of America.” Another corporation but change the letter T to t and waalaa! A new corporation was born and nobody suspected a thing except the criminals themselves. They passed off the new corporation as though nothing had changed.

        In 2015 they tried to do this again. The corporation called ,”the United States of America,” is bankrupt again. They want us to hold the bag on twenty trillion dollars, but guess what? We don’t owe them, a corporation, a dime, not one dime except as a service company.

We hired them to do 19 things for us outlined in the original Constitution, and they went crazy. Now guess what? WE the PEOPLE are the Priority Creditor Interest Holders to all of their debt. We own them. They owe us 279 trillion dollars. But not if we belong to their jurisdiction, even if what they do is fraud, and it is, they could still try to hurt us in the mean time. Why? Because they are broke.

        When Obama declared chapter 7, they could not rob our accounts any more. Did you know there are people in Washington that have not been paid since Fedruary? There is no money in the municipal cofers.

         So in 2015 these guys tried to start a new Corporation called “The Republic of the United States” or something similar, But they got shut down because a few great brains like Anna Von Reitz, is stopping them. She bonded all people in America for 279 Trillion dollars. Which means that they can not move forward until they pay us. That will never happen, but..

        Here’s the good part.
        Anna knowing that the United Staes Constitution had to land somewhere, went to the best sovereigns on the planet and asked them for help. The American Indians! Yea, the Indian tribes now hold the Constitutional contract as of 2015. They hold the contract for all international commerce. Remember the “Unites States,” is a corporation under contract (constitution) to us. We are the Priority Creditor Interest Holders. They stole from us. Now they owe us. Now the Lakota Tribes and others hold the Constitution. Nobody can touch us and the entire World governments know about it. This is why the Rothschilds are selling off there American assets. Because they never owned them to begin with. It was all fraud.

        We are still going to feel the dark side of the fall of Babylon the Great. Get ready for this. There are going to be some bad months coming our way. Get food stored up for at least three months or two years for your family. The transition is not going to be totally smooth. I don’t know if you are a prepper but there is some good when we are prepared for anything.

        President Trump has been offered the job of being President of the 50 American Nation States. He is the President of the Municipal Corporation, THE UNITED STATES, right now elected by the federal employees called voters which is in chapter 7 and sinking fast. I got rid of my voters registration (REGISTRATION) last year. I am not a part of that crowd of bewildered persons.

        Paul Ryan is the president of the territorial corporation, The United States, and it is sinking fast also. It is a great day to see the fall of Babylon. It really is, but there is going to be some hard days ahead because they are going to KILL the dollar. They have been warned that they will all go to prison if they hurt we Americans. We’ll see. They have been told not to screw with the stock market.

These criminals blew up the twin towers, blew up Boston, and now killed fifty-nine and five-hundred wounded in Las Vegas. They brought down flight 93 and killed Libya and stole all the gold. This is the Clintons, Bush’s, Obama, and the Banksters. They do not want to go down without a fight. And they have some really stupid drones, PERSONS, on the left, that believe they’re hog-wash ideas. So don’t be surprised when things get worse before they get better. They want another war for their war machine. Putin knows, and Trump understands what is happening. Trump is an expert at bankruptcies. Why did God put him in office except to oversee the bankruptcy of the “UNITED STATES,” corporation.

It says in scripture that this will take 1260 days or three and a half years. And there will be hell to pay in between, but Babylon will fall. In 2012 the Hindus said that it would take ten years of nasty to break through into the light as we move from Picses into Aquarius. Picses means dual mind, The age of Aquarius is the mountain top experience.

It also says that there are four messengers or messenges to watch for. According to what I have seen they should occur around September 23, 2017, the third week of October, the first week December, and finally the first week of March 2018. I’m excited to think about looking back and to see what occurred around these dates, if anything.

        So I am sending you my stuff. Take a look… do your due dilligence. Mine is not perfected yet, but it is a good start. This might or might not be new to your ears. Have questions and or concerns, Call me!

Love you all;